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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's That Time of Year Again

Photo by myself of one of the banners suspended from the ceiling of the Main Post Office, at 34th Street and 9th Avenue.

On April 15th, the place is usually mobbed with camera crews, massage therapists and people offering tax advice. I stood on line one April 15th a few years ago (ah, never again).


I walked over to the Main Post Office tonight, to take some photos. On the way, I had to get through the crowds at Madison Square Garden. People were flooding the front steps, hawking tickets to the Knicks game (they lost to the Celtics, 99-93). Tourists were taking photos, commuters were headed home via Penn Station. Traffic was a mess.

Meanwhile, the sun was setting, casting a golden glow on the tops of the older buildings. I stood on the street corner and looked north - there was the top of the new New York Times Building, and the glimmering lights of Times Square.

It was a nice moment in the middle of the turbulent melee. People were shouting, cars were honking. Quietly, the sun set.


Olivier said...

"hawking tickets to the Knicks game" il y a encore des gens qui vont voir jouer les Knicks ;o))

"Hawking tickets to the Knicks game" there are still people who will see the Knicks play ;o))

the donG said...

nice one. i wonder how the april 15 postmark looks like.

Eva said...

"Quietly, the sun set"

I love that line. It's so poetic! :-)

Kitty said...

Olivier, how embarrassing? I had no idea they were doing so poorly til reading your comment.
I'm not sure why the fans still watch, but they do!

Hi DonG
I don't dare stand in line to find out!

Thanks Eva!

The Barber Bunch said...

Why do people wait until the last minute?!?!?! I will never understand that!!

I love that ceiling!


oldmanlincoln said...

Impressive photo. Interesting read.

BrianC said...

I can never look at this building without thinking of the crime that was the destruction of old Penn Station. What a tragedy for New York to lose a building like that. At least the city woke up in time to save Grand Central.

Kizz said...

They're in the playoffs so I suspect that's why people are still watching.

In my hurry to get out of the house this morning to mail my state tax payment (postal glitch, couldn't be helped) I forgot my camera and I'm sad about that because I think there are going to be some fun moments round and about the city today. Good idea to check out the big PO just before the big day.

Keropok Man said...

April 15 is also the last day for tax returns in Singapore!!

Tammy said...

I imagine how many people were and still are panicking about the deadline.

Ken said...

We have till April 30 to file. My theory is if you owe money then wait until last day to file but if your getting a return then file asap.
In Toronto you have to run the gauntlet of scalpers to get to the stadium too.

Kitty said...

Hi Carolyn
I tend to procrastinate, too! It's terrible. I cannot say why I do it, either.

Thanks Mr Lincoln!

Hi Brian
Ah, great point.

The post office is slated to become the 'new' Penn Station. The current Penn Station is an ugly building and the old Penn Station was stunning.

Fortunately NY in general has become more interested in historical preservation. The movement really started with Soho. I'd love to know more about NY history. It's so interesting!

Hi Kizz
I'll have to check out your site for more photos. I hope you got some!

Welcome Keropok!
How funny? I wonder why April 15 has become the tax day for more than one country?

Hi Tammy
I'm sure it was a madhouse yesterday. So funny.

Hi Ken
I agree with your thoughts. I guess all those in line were extra grumpy, then.