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Monday, April 14, 2008

Working It Out

The Empire State in morning light
Photo by myself of the Empire State Building, in the morning light.

It was overcast today, so I'm showing a photo from several days ago. The Empire State Building rises above all other buildings. By night, the lights in the lantern change color to commemorate holidays and events. When Frank Sinatra passed away, for example, the lantern glowed a distinct shade of blue.

For the current ESB lighting schedule, click here.


The new job turns out to be much more stressful than the last job, due to politics. Oh dear. I'll give things a few months to play out before making any rash decisions.

I went to the gym tonight, since exercise helps you deal with stress better. I have to wonder about the percentage of New Yorkers who have gym memberships. I'm sure it's pretty high, since there are so many gyms and so many reasons for going: job stress, health and vanity.

After a mere 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, I felt absolutely amazing, I mean, really startlingly sublime. I came home to find Mark heating up some dinner and gave him an enormous hug. So if you haven't gone to the gym in a while, give it a try. Your friends and family will thank you for it.

Later, we caught today's episode of CBS Sunday morning, which we'd recorded. Guess what? There was a segment on exercise, with a celeb of yore.

Jack LaLanne was shown lifting weights, swimming and running around. The man is turning 94 years old this year and still works out two hours a day.

Inspiring? Oh yes. Time to strap on those running shoes!


Patrizia said...

I didn't know about the Empire State Building lights! Very interesting.

I don't go to gym even thought also here gym is very popular. First, I don't really have time to go (it sounds like an excuse, but it's a true excuse!). Second: I "use" my 2 small children to keep fit!!!

So from 8 AM to 2 PM I "rest" in the office, working. The rest of the day, I'm a mother ... and this is a good exercise!

Ineke said...

Great shot!

Nikon said...

Very nice shot, it has a great angle to it.

The Barber Bunch said...

I love that picture!

Olivier said...

belle photo de l'ESB sous le brouillard. j'aimais bien le soir en sortant du NEW YORKER de voir la couleur de l'ESB.

Beautiful picture of ESB in the fog. I liked the evening out of the NEW YORKER to see the color of ESB.

Anonymous said...

Do people walk to work for exercise or take the subway and then go to gym? I can't imagine living in such a large city.

Kitty said...

Hi Patrizia
Two little kids is more than enough exercise. I can't imagine picking them up all the time and chasing after them. You must be very fit.

Hi Ineke
Thank you!

Hi Mr. Nikon
Thanks. It's hard to take a bad shot of that building!

Thank you Carolyn!

Hi Olivier
Yes, the New Yorker Hotel, a massive hotel that takes one city block, is somewhat nearby. I'm sure if you're on one of the upper floors, you can get a great view of the ESB

Hi Mr Lincoln
People walk a ton here. Many people belong to a gym near their workplace (I used to). Some even go during lunch.
These days I belong to a gym near home. Only a handful have the luxury of walking to work! Usually home and office are much too far from each other.

penpusher said...

What a coincidence! I just came back from the gym and saw this post! lol..

Yes I totally agree, you get a sense of well being after a good work out.

Now if only I can try to curb my hunger afterwards, the big dinner I just had kinda canceled out all my hard work!

penpusher said...

Oh forgot to add, I love this picture! :)

Spandrel Studios said...

Your post could not have appeared at a more perfect time! First order of business today? Work out!

Sorry to hear about the office politics... but at least elliptical-machine euphoria sounds like it will help you deal with it. Just keep above the fray!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Ugh, I hate office politics. I keep my head down and try and blend into my desk. Hope it all works out.

Adam said...

Last time I was there it was Veterans Day and it was Yellow-Yellow-Yellow. Being a veteran and my first time in the City I thought it was a neat combo!

Kizz said...

I must be missing a gene or something. Exercise just doesn't make me feel all fun and giving. It makes me angry and I want to punch people. Guess I'm put together funny.

the donG said...

one good shot! the empire state building is impressive and from this shot it shows how high it is.

Eva said...

Ugh, exercise!

I love yout shot, though! *LOL*

Tammy said...

Sorry that things have been stressful at work. Take care and try to relax okay.

Anonymous said...

oh yes, I swear by exercise (running in my case) - I only do it really because it instantly lifts my spirits.

As for the job - bear with it. I always think that you write the first year of a new job off (so much to get used to, particularly politics), it's just about learning to fit in and deal with things and you can't really expect to know whether you like it or not. You;ll prob change you mind about it every week for the first year if you are anything like me.

babooshka said...

The compositon is sublime. The info about the lights,who knew, not me. As for excersise, sport photography. Chasing rugby players, footballers, motorbikes(tell i'm english cant't you)for a great shot beats the hell out a gym.

Gail's Man said...

Hi Kitty, thanks for your visits and comments. To answer your question, no I didn't take them from a hill or tall building. I actually shot them whilst going around on a big wheel (see previous posts, especially late last year) that was in our market square.

As for the archiving, I just did it through the Dashboard.

Like your NY photos, it makes me almost want to be there. A lot of people have gym memberships here too, but some never go, so they just waste their money. What job are you doing?

Ken said...

Nice shot of the Empire State Building. We are planning a NYC visit this spring and this is a must see.
I found it interesting that ESB shuts their lights off during bird migration.
I find I do my best thinking when out for a run.

Suzanne said...

If you had access to "the country" I'd tell you all about the wonders of cutting firewood, splitting it into logs for the fireplace, building split-rail fences, digging up rocks, and running a tractor - but I guess since you're in NYC - the gym will have to do. :) You miss the sunshine and fresh air, though.

Ming the Merciless said...

I absolutely HATE working out especially on stationary machines. I joined a gym twice and both times, I stopped going after a month.

That explains why I'm 40lbs heavier than when I was in college. I used to swim all the time when there was an indoor pool on campus.

Sonia A. Mascaro said...

I love so much that photo!

Have a nice week ahead!

Sonia A. Mascaro said...

Hi Kitty, now I use Sonia A. Mascaro to sign my blog posts and comments. Before I used to sign as Sonia.

Kitty said...

PP, you could stand to eat a bit. You're tiny! I envy you.

Spandrel, between the gym and my posse of commiserating coworkers, I will get through this time. I'm hopeful.

Hey Fish, I'm the non-political type typically, too. It sadly inescapable.

Welcome Adam!
Neat that you noticed the beacon colors on your visit. I love that it makes each day meaningful in a small way.

Hey Kizz
Mark races against 12-year olds on Playstation for the same effect.

Maybe you should try Playstation?

Hi DonG
People are so focused on avoiding traffic, they forget to look UP. The ESB is startlingly tall!

Thanks dear Eva!

Thank you Tammy. I'm sure this time will pass.

Thanks for such a mature way of seeing things. A bit of patience is a good thing.

Babooshka, I love the idea of chasing after rugby players, lol. How funny? They would certainly all run from me!

Hello Mr Gail
I'm an architect and I changed jobs about a month ago. It's been a tough adjustment time but I have good friends around who help me through. Thank goodness!

Hi Ken
Have a wonderful time visiting! Please let me know if you have any questions. There are some NY regulars who frequent this blog, too.

Hi Suzanne
I miss the country. You're lucky to be out there with nature and the fresh air!

Hi Ming
I wonder whether you'd do well with classes? Powerboxing and yoga are grand (and quite hard)

Hyde DP said...

Just looking at your picture makes my neck ache. On the whole the idea of tall buildings scares me a little. I'd feel less vulnerable half way up a mountain.

Kitty said...

Hi Gerald
I'm not one for tall buildings, either. I much prefer the low rises elsewhere in NY, which are much more charming.
I'll have to get over to those neighborhoods much more often!

Kitty said...

Sonia, I'm not sure how I overlooked your post.
Thanks for swinging by. Have a wonderful week as well!