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Sunday, April 13, 2008

What are the Chances

Icons at the new public street toilets
Photo by myself, outside one of the new public toilets installed on the New York City streets.

Finally, public toilets have been installed for use on the streets. The icons transcend all languages: Unisex toilet, handicap accessible. Adults, please supervise your children. No smoking, and please, no more than 15 minutes to do your business.

I haven't dared venture in one of these things yet, and probably won't unless absolutely necessary.


Friday after seeing the Free Tibet peace rally in Union Square, I met Mark at a Bar 119, where he was having a drink with a buddy. It's a loud bar on 15th Street with cheap drinks and a pool table. Lo and behold, we wound up at the same bar as some of my ex-work friends who were playing pool.

What a small world it is. How many bars are there in New York, and what are the chances that you'd be in the same place at the same time as people you know well? The world is a very small place. I'm convinced of it.

These last couple months, I've been contacted by several ex-classmates, ex-coworkers and old friends. It's a nice feeling, and I can't help but wonder whether the trend is happening because recent shifts in the apartment. Could this be the result of feng shui?

Well, if you're in town tomorrow (Sunday) for the AIPAD show (Association of International Photography Art Dealers, I'll see you there. More than 75 art dealers and museums are displaying photography for purchase at the Park Avenue Armory at 67th Street and Park Avenue.

Mark and I are a little starved for visual inspiration. What better thing than to visit one of the largest exhibits of vintage and current photography for sale?

For more on the exhibit, click here.


Anonymous said...

I have never seen so many signs like this before. I have not seen a public toilet on the street yet either. I think they had some stalls for men and women in France during the War that were open in front. As kids we used to laugh at the photos in Life Magazine of them in use.

Kitty said...

Mr Lincoln, you're up so early!
Yes, they have those toilet kiosks in Paris, still. There was a whole myth built around them about people getting stuck inside and then being washed since the toilets supposedly clean themselves after each use.
No idea if there's truth to that.

Spandrel Studios said...

The coincidence of meeting your old coworkers in an out-of-the-way bar is spooky!

When my parents went to Paris, they found themselves in the Eiffel Tower elevator with another couple from the US -- who turned out to live 10 miles away from them, back home!

I love a good coincidence!

Eva said...

The world is indeed a small place.

When I was driving in Germany, my neighbour came out of nowhere and crossed the street, in fron of my car!

When I lived in NY, I teamed up with a girl from home (I didn't know her before I met her over there.) Turned out, her boy friend back home was an ex of mine.

As for public toilets, I avoid them if possible :-)

The Barber Bunch said...

I love those signs. The15 minute Max is my favorite!

Kitty said...

Hi Spandrel
Those coincidences seem to happen all the time when overseas. I wonder why.

I was traveling on an train between Paris and Barcelona with a friend several years ago. We were in a sleeper car with two other women. It turned out one woman went to the same college we did and the fourth lived in the same college town. Nuts, eh?

Hi Eva
How weird about your German experience? That must have seemed freaky!

Hi Carolyn
I agree, the time limit is kinda funny, hehe.

Jilly said...

So many signs for just one toilet. How extraordinary. The toilets in France clean up after themselves - well many do. Scary when they get going!

As for the world being a small space - I so agree. I've sat in cafe in America and found a neighbour from a Welsh village. I've chatted to a fellow passenger on a plane from Athens to London only to find she was on her way to be interviewed by my husband who was travelling, that same day, back frm the US. That's life and that's one of the trillion things that makes it so exciting and wonderful.Think we all have these experiences. Do like your blog.

Tammy said...

I hate using public washrooms. I'm the type of person who cleans it, lays paper down, squats and doesn't touch anything if I have to use a public rest room. LOL

Rambling Round said...

I could write a book about coincidences! We were in a city about 300 miles away eating dinner at a Cracker Barrel restaurant when a guy we knew from home walked in. He was in the same city on business, had heard we were there, knew we liked to eat at Cracker Barrels, so decided to check one out to see if we were there. We were!
I like the idea of a street restroom, but I wouldn't want to use it unless it was an emergency.

Kitty said...

Hi Jilly
Whoa about your airplane passenger story. Holy cow. That is a doozy

Hi Tammy
Some of the toilets here are pretty horrible, so I don't blame you. The concept alone is icky.

Welcome Rambling
Yipes, you have a clever neighbor. How funny that you'd be at the restaurant at that same time?!

penpusher said...

That is one confusing big sign! I find the 15 minute limit very amusing, lol.

Keropok Man said...

what happens after 15 mins i wonder....

door opens by itself? haha...

Kitty said...

At least they post there's a limit! If they didn't that would be very embarrassing, lol

Hi Keropok Man
That would be quite funny!