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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Architectural Detail, Above

Tabla Ceiling
Photo by myself of the vaulted ceiling outside Tabla, an upscale Indian restaurant at Madison Avenue and 24th Street, at the base of the MetLife Tower. You can sit outside for drinks and watch the goings on of Madison Square Park, across the street.


The weather here has been sporadic lately. Not nice enough at all to have drinks and dine outside under an ornate vault.

The weather reminds me of San Franscico. It's cold in the mornings, at times nice during the day and cold again at night. You see a mix of flip flops and winter boots on the train.

Well, it's been a long week and I've run out of words. I'm absolutely knackered.

More, tomorrow. Happy weekend, everyone!

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The Barber Bunch said...

Great Shot. So pretty.

Mab said...

Really good shot.Have a relaxing week end!

Eva said...

What a beautiful ceiling. Can you imagine looking up on something so beautiful every day? :-)

As for the weather, I think the weather Gods must be over worked these days. We had SNOW this morning! (I couldn't believe my eyes, but my neighbor saw it too.)

Tammy said...

Lay on the couch, eat ice cream and veg all weekend! Relax and enjoy the weekend my friend!

Spandrel Studios said...

What gorgeous details in your photo, Kitty! There's something wonderful about such decorative work.

Ah, for the times when people made room for such decoration in their designs!

Hope you find something to energize you after such a busy week - take care!

Kitty said...

Thanks Carolyn and Mab!

Hi Eva
How crazy about the snow? Eek.

Thanks Tammy
I hope you're having a relaxing time, too.

Hi Spandrel
It's just a gorgeous building in general with loads of incredible detail. I'll have to take more photos of the MetLife tower soon.

Sonia A. Mascaro said...

Amazing photo!

Have a nice weekend!

roentarre said...

Simply stunning work! Love the pattern!

Mike said...

I am afraid of heights! I can never take that picture. I love the design though. Very nice!

Kitty said...

Thanks Sonia
A nice weekend to you as well!

Hi James
I cannot imagine the work that went into the ceiling. Crazy, eh?
Thanks for dropping by

Hi Mike
I have a moderate fear of heights, too, especially when looking down. I am quite the chicken!

Ming the Merciless said...

I know that building! It's where the nuevo Indian restaurant, Tabla is located.

The federal government buildings near City Hall have the same architectural design too.

Kitty said...

Hi Ming
yeah, you're right.
I'll have to check out the buildings you mention.

Sylvia said...

Fantastic photo!!!