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Friday, May 16, 2008

'This American Life' on the City Streets

Paper Cutting
Photo by myself on 13th Street and University Place.

I was walking along when I found this gentleman cutting beautiful paper animals on the sidewalk. I'd love to know his story.


You meet all types on the street, often by accident: dog walkers, transvestites, women with triplets, men in clown suits, veterans, gangs.

There are teachers, students, people from every country imaginable. People walk with their dogs, their cats, their parrots, their musical instruments. It's a little like The Breakfast Club.

There are commoners and there are celebrities, too. Like Jackie Onassis.

The graphic artist Chris Ware created a lovely animation for This American Life on just such a situation: running into a celebrity on the streets of New York.


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The Barber Bunch said...

I loved the This American Life cartoon!

Isn't it weird to see celebrities? I once saw Dave Chapelle in Toys are us in Beavercreek, Ohio. He lives(lived) in Yellow Springs. A very small Community nearby. It was so weird to see him up close and personal after having only seen him on TV.

Kitty said...

Hi Carolyn
I'm glad you liked the cartoon!

how funny? I love Dave Chappelle.
I saw him at a restaurant here in NY. It was just after he decided to take his hiatus and when he got up to leave, everyone (well, everyone but me) started to applaud.

when Dave entered the restaurant he created more buzz than Uma Thurman had on another occasion, lol.

Kelly said...

Another great post, Kitty!

Sonia A. Mascaro said...

Very nice urban photo! Love it!

Tammy said...

That video was so cute! The wife is always right so I believe her side. LOL

Kitty said...

Thanks Kelly!

Thanks Sonia!

Tammy, I'm glad you liked the video clip. Chris Ware is one of my favorite illustrators. The storytelling part was cute, wasn't it?

pixeltoko said...

Nice urban shot!

roentarre said...

Photos like this always inspires me. Candids as a miscroscope of the society through your eyes. Well taken and love your work

Kitty said...

Thanks Pixeltoko!

Hi James
Thanks so much. I feel the same. I love moments drawn from the mayhem.

Love your work. I'll have to check back regularly!

Ming the Merciless said...

I've met them all too. Some I wish I hadn't. :-)

Dana said...

which breakfast club member are you kitty?

Kitty said...

haha, Ming.
The weirdos I can do without, though they're great to photograph

Dana, I'm afraid of both of the chickies in that movie. I'm not nearly jappy enough to be Molly's character, and Ali's character was just way too weird.

If pressed, I'd had to choose Ali, lol

Renee Finberg said...

i love your blog.
i miss nyc and am sorry i ever left.
but i can get my fix by visiting you.

Kitty said...

aw Renee...
I'm glad I can be of service. I know it's tough to leave NYC. So many New Yorkers don't leave because they're afraid of missing it and never being able to return.

I hope you can find what's special about wherever you are right now. NY is great but it definitely has it's bad parts, too.