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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gizmos We Live With

From the Manhattan Bridge
Photo by myself from the train crossing to Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan skyline are in view through the smudgy glass.

To be sure, there are easier ways to take photographs of the Brooklyn Bridge, than hanging from a subway pole.


Speaking of poles, have people outside of New York taken to the idea of pole dancing?

A sweet, unassuming former coworker reportedly took such a class. I'd never imagine her draped around a chrome pole, never mind wearing a mini skirt. Apparently, some of her fellow dancers had poles installed in their apartments so they could practice.

None of the projects I've worked on has ever had anything so unique.

Mirrors that raise into the ceiling, to reveal hidden flat screen televisions? Sure. Outdoor fireplaces? Of course.

But no floor to ceiling pole dancing poles. Yet.


Fredrik said...

Poles are most definitely trendy. It's so ridiculous! Did you know that Carmen Electra have a specially designed for sale? The name:
Electra Pole
"It's inspired and endorsed by Hollywood star and professionally-trained-dancer Carmen Electra. It goes up and down in just 5-minutes. It's stable enough to support flips, spins and inverts...

...It's the Electra-Pole and it's the most-advanced Peekaboo dance pole yet!"

Ok, allow me to laugh!

Cool picture, by the way! What a challenge!

Britta said...

Hi Kitty, thanks for checking out my blog!
I took that train a while ago (by mistake - my New York friend always mixes up directions *lol*). The view we had was worth it!

Tammy said...

The only pole I've ever seen is when we took the girl guides on a tour of a fire house. I wonder if it's good exercise? hehehe

Dan said...

Oh yeah, a new neighbor, a mom with a couple of kids is into pole dancing. She has one installed in the basement and is planning on teaching classes. Seems kind of odd to me but what the heck, everybody needs a hobby. I bet it is cheaper than photography!

Kitty said...

Thanks, Fredrick
Funny to hear from a guy that these things are silly. I would be laughing too hard at myself to be remotely seductive.

lol Britta. I rescued a couple women recently who had been from Manhattan to Queens already and were headed wrongly to Brooklyn again because they were on an express train. It happens to the best of us.

Hi Tammy
I'd love to know whether you work up a sweat. Then, maybe I'd consider it.

Welcome Dan
I love meeting fellow Daily Photographers, and look forward to checking out your blog!

sonia a.m. said...

Another wonderful photo!

bernardo said...

.)nice pics