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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back to the Basics

Hot Dog Stand

Photo by myself last week around high noon, around Park Avenue and 40th Street. The sun was straight up in the sky, and people searched desperately for shade.


Was it hard to wake up this morning or what.

Last night, Mark and I arrived late to JFK. The flight was a small disaster - LAX was disorganized and glutted with people. At JFK, our bag didn't hit the carousel for over 30 minutes. Mark had smoke coming out of his eyeballs.

Of JFK, La Guardia and Newark, the airports servicing New York City, I prefer Newark for efficiency and La Guardia for proximity. Sometimes, though, you don't have the luxury of choice.

While waiting for the bags, we spotted character actor Wallace Shawn, looking patient and well groomed. Shawn is best known for his excited role in The Princess Bride.

This morning we were awakened early by a hungry cat. Then I scampered off to work. The day was long, and at the end of it Mark and I dined at our favorite Italian place, talking about our day over glasses of Chianti. Exciting life, eh?

Wedding Cake

Since I have lost all my brain cells, I'll have to leave off for now. Above, a photo of my brother's wedding cake, that served the 200+ guests. Everything was done up amazingly for the ceremony, but I was much too tipsy to enjoy it.

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Mab said...

Beautiful cake Kitty. I love the flower petals everywhere :)

Mab :0)

Britta said...

Hi Kitty! Found you´re a blogging friend of Dana, too. NY is my favorite city and your photos are a blast! Gorgeous!

Eva said...

Do I see pretzels in the first picture??? (Drool! ;-)

I loathe airports. I'm on a plane twice or more every week and it is time consuming, especially after all the security checks. Oh well, there's nothing I can do to change that.

That cake looks gorgeous!! I bet it tasted great too :-)

spandrel studios said...

That cake looks divine! Very elegant.

Kitty said...

Thanks Mab dear!
Yes, it was tres romantique. And chocolate inside!

Welcome Britta
Thanks for coming by. I look forward to checking out your blog.

Hi Eva
wow, you travel a lot! eek.
Yes, the cake was quickly devoured by all. So good.

Thanks Spandrel!

Ming the Merciless said...

Ooohhh....pretty cake. I bet it was delicious too. I love weddings!

Andrea said...

That cake looks amazing, I bet the wedding was super classy :-)