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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Trains are Hopping

Subway performer
Photo by myself in the subway, in Brooklyn.

Tonight, the fellow in the doorway and the blurry guy inside the car were two street performers on my subway ride home. I wish I'd been able to take a photo of them in full action, but the ride was stop and go.

Dancers bring along their own boom box. They often do back flips, handstands, push-ups and splits in the middle of the cars. For some reason, I rarely see kids dancing in the subway stations these days, but I've run into many of them performing in the cars, where there is often just a sliver of space between the aisles.


Little things make each day interesting.

Tonight, it was the dancers on the subway. Yesterday, it was the police car pulled up at the house next door for the fourth day in a row. (Mark and I suspect domestic problems).

It's easy to feel that life is routine, when you overlook the subtle details. I wonder what little thing will make tomorrow special?

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Meead S. said...

That black guy is looking at you :) He may wonder why you were taking the photo.

Kitty said...

Hi Meead
I blew my cover, sadly and wasn't able to be as candid as I'd wanted. Darn!

Abraham Lincoln said...

I like the photo. It seems like the best views are just split seconds.

Abraham Lincoln
—Brookville Daily Photo

PJ said...

Street performance seems to be one of the perks of city living. After a long day of work it must be wonderful to be entertained on the ride home.

Kizz said...

Those guys and the drummers I have a real soft spot for. Even on days when I'd rather be allowed to just hang out and read my book I can't help but be happy to see them.

ken mac said...

I love the dancers, rappers, bucket drummers, the guys who sell their mixtapes on the subway. But those doowop guys need to take it on the achers! Great candid shot.

Terry B said...

Once on a New York subway, I saw a group of young men--this guy may have been one of them--set up a boombox and turn it on. I was all prepared to be grumpy and keep my hands [and money] in my pockets. Then they started doing the most amazing gymnastics in the moving subway car, including two of them forming a big wheel by grasping each other's ankles and rolling through the car. Everyone applauded and gave them money, even me.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I think they're amazing, but I worry that one false move and they'll take someone's head off!! My fear of a mishap spoils the fun!!

Tammy said...

Is there enough room for them to do that? Neat the way he's looking at you wondering what's up. ;o)

Dana said...

oh this is a great one.. cool shot kitty :)

Kitty said...

Thanks Mr. Lincoln
Yeah, a lot depends on just luck. I wish I had a quicker draw!

Some performers I simply tolerate. These guys I really admire - they are athletic and daring. Even with the loud music interrupting your thoughts, you can't help but at least marvel at what they do.

Hi Kizz
I feel the same. These fellas really work for their donations.

Hi Ken
Oh to be young, muscular and flexible! I cannot believe some of their gymnastics at times.

Hi Terry B
Wow, what a performance that must've been. It's a such nice and rare thing, to unify a subway car, if only for a few minutes.

Hi Fish
lol, I can understand. Sometimes there are limbs going haywire, with the subway jolting along. One day, they will take an eye out.

Hi Tammy
There is just barely enough room sometimes. People move to give them space, too. It is a little ridiculous!

Thanks Dana dear!

Kris said...

Ahhh, but do you ever leave a donation...?

Kitty said...

Hi Kris
I do donate, and these guys seem to get a lot of love. It's nice to see their hard work rewarded and appreciated.

Catz said...

Every day I come here early in the morning to see the sights of New York through your lens. Today nothing!!!!!!! I really hope all is well with you and you are just taking a QUICK SHORT break!

Mike L. said...

The breakout street dancers are sick to watch. I haven’t seen them on the trains yet, but my neighbor once put on a show outside our apartment building at Flatbush Gardens…it was awesome!

Kitty said...

Hi Catz
I'm not sure what happened...maybe you clicked in at the wrong split second?

I'm flattered to know that you tune in every day!

Hi Mike
Lucky you with a private performance.

I enjoy the dancers especially because they never look unhappy. They look like they're really enjoying themselves, and it's a nice sight to watch.

Affiliate Marketing Tips said...

These performers are very talented but rare o them gt some big chance in the life.

Kitty said...

Hi meonit/affiliate

True, these guys aren't going to make it to Broadway or anything, but at least they can make some money doing something decent. They're ambitious, not just sitting around watching tv, which they could easily do.

Most have humungous muscles, lol. You have to admire these guys!

vicar said...

As a born and bred New Yorker please keep in mind that while people are watching street performers(always fun) they should keep their hand on their wallet or purse since pickpockets love your being distracted by the show.