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Monday, August 4, 2008

Tied Up

Photo by myself on Broadway, around 28th Street.

Not the most photogenic image, I admit, but I thought the content was kinda funny.

You have to lock up just about anything you don't want taken. Bikes, benches, even bronze elephants outside trinket stores.


Mark and I have been watching The Wire (we're on Season Three now), and I am a jittery mess because of it.

Vandalism and disappearing property, I can understand. Pushy people on the subway, trash on the sidewalk, bad parking jobs by neighbors that leave your bumper dented.

But drug wars and violence?

No thanks!

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Fredrik said...

Fascinating...Over here we don't lock our bikes. What kind of store was it?


Huh? Why does it have taped-on shoes? See this is the kind of thing you'd NEVER see here.

Heh heh - I've said that a lot, haven't I?


Spandrel Studios said...

Never got into those shows... they just bring me down too much - especially because I watch TV at night. Doesn't make it easy to drift off to sleep!

Anonymous said...

I like the reality of the picture. People steal all sorts of things. Here, copper is so high that they steal copper out of new homes.

Kitty said...

Hi Fredrik
I think this was a trinkets store. It's still a grungy part of town with wholesale perfumeries, and stores selling touristy items and t-shirts.

Oh to not lock your bike. What a thought!

Hi Scarlet
lol, I'm thinking they wrapped its legs in bubble wrap to keep them nice? Not the most attractive look!

Hi Spandrel
I'm like you. I watch tv at night and if I watch so much as CSI, I go berserk.

The mind is a delicate thing!

Hi Mr Lincoln
How nutty? That's terrible.

Olivier said...

pauvre éléphant attaché. New York est un vrai zoo ;o)
poor elephant attached. New York is a real zoo ;o)

PJ said...

My first thought was foot protection. But then I thought, no, they've obviously been watching too much "Project Runway" and just went seven kinds of wrong on dress bronze baby elephant challenge.

Lady Di Tn said...

Am I the only one to see his stone shock expression of the lady's back side. Those stockin are for protect when he gets kicked in the knees for his lastest wise cracks. Those chains keep the little beasty out of more trouble than the law would allow.
I am trying to go back a few photo each day to try to get up to speed. Peace

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I've never watched The Wire, I've heard good things. You're not keen? Sometimes Law & Order SVU freaks me out ;-)

Kelly said...

Okay, I get the chain, but the plastic stockings? The Project Runway comment cracked me up. I thought maybe as protection from dogs? Yuck!

Tammy said...

Wouldn't that be heavy to steal? It looks really heavy to lift.

Lara said...

the strange things like this are the flavour of the city :)

Susu said...

Hi Kitty!

I wanted to pop in to say "hi" in the midst of my vacationing... and thus spending most of my time away from the lil' screen;)

In Paris not only do your bumpers get dented, but pretty much anything that can. It's better to park at the end of an alley, because otherwise you could get pancaked in between two vehicles sqeezing your dear auto so tightly that you've got no chance of getting out until the other (looney) parkers return.