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Friday, August 29, 2008

What Goes Around Comes Around

Bus Stop
Photo by myself on Lexington Avenue, around 26th Street.

A small stretch along Lexington is known for Indian restaurants and spice stores.


This photo reminds me of the 60s, from the woman's silhouette. I actually took it a couple months ago.

Speaking of fashion, there's a wonderful article about the legendary Marc Jacobs the September 1st 'Style' issue of The New Yorker.

Around the same time each year, the New Yorker publishes an issue chock full of articles on fashion and shopping. The timing coincides with New York Fashion Week, when fashion designers show their work in big tents in Bryant Park.

The article on Jacobs is wonderful and honest. Until recently, Jacobs dressed in a shlumpy way. Now after a lifestyle overhaul that includes daily 2 1/2-hour stints at the gym, he is buff and handsome.

I can attest to this. Only a few years ago, I saw him walking around Soho with big thick glasses, white sneakers, long hair and baggy jeans. He was the epitomy of 'geek chic'.

It's nice to know you can emerge from your cocoon in your 40's. Here's to not-so-mini makeovers!

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Olivier said...

je suis tout a fait d'accord avec toi, cette photo a un coté désuée, très 60's. J'aime beaucoup.

I quite agree with you, this picture is very 60's. I like a lot.

Spandrel Studios said...

These fashion-week preview issues of the New Yorker have always been my favorites. Marc Jacbos has really undergone a pretty drastic transformation, hasn't he? For a while, I was convinced that he hired a body double to appear in public for him, the change is so drastic!

(And I, too, like the 60s silhouettes! Nice photo!)

Virginia said...

This photo says NEW YORK to me. I like it a lot .

Islipian said...

tres 60s!

bettye <- running out to get New Yorker fashion issue!

Terry B said...

I hadn't even thought about it, but you're totally right—the woman [her clothing and her pose] does give the shot a ’60s feel. It has a real Garry Winogrand quality about it. Nice.

Wayne said...

Does anyone happen to know? Is there a city in North America that doesn't have a La Petite Auberge restaurant?
I agree too Kitty, it has the feel of an earlier time.

ken mac said...

wow, that old looking bus the lady's dress coupled with the monochrome..it really looks like a photo from the 60s..

Tammy said...

I was just thinking that she looked like a 60's mom when I saw the photo.