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Friday, September 19, 2008

New Yawk Tawk

Driveway Sign
Photo by myself, somewhere in Brooklyn.

Who says New Yorkers aren't direct?!


For the most part, I find there are two types of New Yorkers.

There are those that mind their own business - you could be lost, map in hand, twirling about, and they just walk by. And there are those that don't mind their own business - you could be lost, and they come over to you, offering opinions about your choice of clothing.

You gotta love it.

Happy Friday everyone!

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If only all signs were like this then maybe we wouldn't have various degrees of communication breakdowns. I think we Brits are too nice!

Scarlet xx


Islipian said...

Ha, love the sign - ONLY in New York! And your comment is right on, about the two types - made me laugh :-)

Spandrel Studios said...

That sign is hysterical - I should post it outside my office, given the nutty week I've had!

Have a great weekend, Kitty!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is good.

And Happy Friday to you too. The weather is splendid here (for once) and is supposed to remain so all weekend so I am bouncy and happy.

Which type of New Yorker do you prefer?

Kris said...

I was going to ask "what kind of New Yorker are you?"

ken mac said...

i love that, don't even think about what? backing into the aluminum gate? Peeing on the gate? Writing on the gate? don't move sucka!

Kitty said...

Hi Scarlet
The British are known to be polite, no? I'd like to think they are.

Hi Islipian
Good to know someone else thinks the same way about NYers. People are so funny.

Hi Spandrel
Hope you get some rest and have a better week next week.

Glad to know the weather is finally good over there. Whew, it is about time.

I think I prefer the opposite usually, of whatever NYer I encounter.

When you need help, they invariably find the excuse to scurry away. When you want to be alone, they come over and sniff you out. It's like cats!

Hi Kris
I am definitely more the distant one, which is terrible. Often I'll help out a stranded visitor, but more often I'll be too busy to stop. I feel guilty for it, but there it is.

lol Ken Mac.
I'm sure all the above!

Virginia said...

I am LOL> That was great.