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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nice Set of Wheels

Odd vehicle
Photo by myself outside Macy's at Broadway and 34th Street.

I think the rule of thumb around here is that if it has wheels and has a place for advertising, it will be driven around. Here, a new fangled pedicab waits for passengers.


Speaking of New York and vehicles, have you seen the new Grand Theft Auto 4?

You are 'Nico', a recent immigrant in 'Liberty City' that looks very similar to New York. You break into cars, steal them and attempt to complete missions, while trying to outwit the police.

All the boroughs are represented - 'Algonquin' is Manhattan, 'Broker' is 'Brooklyn', and 'Bohan' is the Bronx. The street layout, buildings and traffic patterns are relate to real life.

The buildings and cityscape are pretty amazing, including the Statue of Liberty, lower Manhattan and New Jersey. Mark just received this game from ebay and he's completely and utterly addicted.

Here's the preview video:

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Olivier said...

problème avec FlickR, la photo n'est pas visible.

problem with FlickR, the photo is not visible.


Where is the photo love?! You're leaving us hanging here....

Scarlet x

Islipian said...

Oh, I thought the rule of thumb was that if it has wheels and can be driven around, it will have advertising on it!

Kitty said...

aaah!! thanks Olivier and Scarlet for letting me know about the photo!

I think there'd been a glitch in the matrix. Hopefully it works now.

lol, Islipian. That's the NY frame of mind, yes. Everything is fair game.

Olivier said...

enfin on voit cette photo, j'adore ce vélo, il est kitsch. Les pedicabs deviennent modernes. J'en ai jamais pris quand je suis venu à NYC et toi ?

Finally, we see this picture, I love this bike, it is kitsch. The pedicabs are becoming modern. I have never taken when I came to NYC and you?

fishwithoutbicycle said...

A great photo as usual Kitty, if only the bike didn't have Janice Dickinson plastered all over the side of it....that woman!!!! Grrrrr!! ;-)

Virginia said...

I have seen NYC traffic. Do people really use these little contraptions? Scary!

Lady Di Tn said...

I am glad someone in the comments identified the woman in the advertisment. Still do not know who she is? Don't care. Nuf said. I do like the bike cab concept and all your photos are truly neat. I love the ones of the bridge. Peace

Lily Hydrangea said...

fancy car... I mean bike!
cool video. I never play those games but that preview makes it tempting. I think it's the soundtrack that makes it so enticing.

tam said...

Very interesting. First pedicab I've ever seen. Great shot.

Kitty said...

Thanks everyone!
I've never taken a pedicab ride. Frankly they scare me. I see how nutty drivers are, and these things have zero protection in case of a smash-up.

I also can't believe how air-brushed Janice is. Is that supposed to be a current photograph?!

(Lady Di, Janice just started her own modelling tv show and was a longtime judge on 'America's Top Model'. Supposedly she was one of the first 'supermodels' back in the day).

Zsolt72 said...

ohhh we have the same ad-bicycle in Budapest, too:)

Kitty said...

how funny, Zsolt?!
great seeing you, dear!

Rita McCall said...

AH, the idea of moving advertising--a commercial on wheels. That's the point of fast-paced NY living. Out on the streets, wherever or whenever you may go, these advertisements would reach you!