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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Backstage in the West Village

Backstage on a photoshoot
Photo by myself backstage before a photoshoot in the West Village.

I had the chance to go backstage of a photoshoot recently, for a magazine. My time entailed a lot of sitting around and noshing on foods, while clothes were ironed and people were primped.

There are slews of photography studios around, many housed in the large warehouses on the fringes of the city.


I would have loved to watch the photographer during the shoot, but I only had a sidelong view. Instead, I hung out backstage and watched the make-up artist.

I wonder whether photographer asked the sitters to say cheese?

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Susu said...

I love the the creamy tint in your photo. I would have loved to be there - you know my weak point for fashion, photo shoots, posing and all such by now;)

Anonymous said...

Ah you mentioned cheese and I was trying so hard not to eat any today. Now I will have failed.

I'd love to watch a make-up artist at work. Fascinating.

Hope said...

I love the light in this photo. I always tell my kids to say "macaroni." Works every time!

Olivier said...

belle photo, que je trouve très intime comme photo, tu as su attrapé un moment de complicité

fishwithoutbicycle said...

That's a great photo Kitty, I love the reflection in the mirror :-)

Eva said...

Hi kitty, I love your picture. It's like we're not supposed to be there and see what's going on :-)
I think that the way you have stepped back and placed yourself so far from the object gives your picture an air of "secrecy".

I call it "wall paper perspective" in lack of a better word. I love it!:-)

Spandrel Studios said...

I agree with susu - the light and the colors in this photo are just great... very much a city vibe. And I love the behind-the-scenes aspect - wonder which magazine was doing this shoot?

tam said...

Photo shoots are a lot of fun to watch. Some are very intense.

My favorite part, watching the photographer work.