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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Smile, It's Happy Hour

Happy Hour sign
Photo by myself in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

A bar in our neighborhood posts funny quips to draw people in for happy hour. This one riffs on the Republican nominee for Vice President.


One thing I've noticed is that politicians are easy targets for great humor. Mark and I were cackling last week over David Letterman's commentary on the Vice Presidential debate.

I think it's the peanut gallery mentality of laughing at those in power. I feel guilty laughing at regular people. With politicians, though, I have no problems.

I love Letterman. He's a New York institution. New Yorkers tend to prefer Letterman's humor to that of Jay Leno on the West Coast. I think Jay is much too polite for our taste.

We're lucky to witness Letterman's snarky comments nightly. And he's got so much material to work with.

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valeria said...

D. Letterman is so funny!

Kitty said...

Hi Valeria!
Yes...We're recording his shows now since he's on so late at night, hee hee.

Nice seeing you.

tr3nta said...


Chuck Pefley said...

That clip is too funny! Well, funny, if it weren't so darn true ... IF she meets success, well ... then we're all in big trouble. Oh my!

NutsInNY said...

Hi Kitty,

Thanks for the Palin-riff sign... just nutty enough for Nuts in NY!


David @ NINY

ken mac said...

and if they run out I'll get one for ya! wink wink wink...

Ming the Merciless said...

Thanks for sharing the clip. That is H-I-L-arious!!

Lily Hydrangea said...

your photo made me laugh out loud, & the Letterman clip was great too. I never get to see him anymore! & I agree he is so much better than Leno.
I think it's easy to laugh at those in power because otherwise we would be crying.

Jana said...

That is great!!!

Winnie M said...

Why aren't there more interesting sandwich boards? There's a candy shop on Robson in Vancover that's boards says "Don't just stand there! Buy some candy!" Makes me smile everytime.

Kitty said...

Thanks for visiting, tr3nta!

Welcome Chuck
Yeah, I usually refrain from politics here but the truth is too tough to avoid, lol. Thanks for visiting.

Hi David
thanks so much for the link! what a cool site you have; I'm sure there's tons of nutty New York things to choose from.

lol Ken!

Hi Ming
glad you liked it. I *heart* Dave.

Hi Lily
we all need more laughter in our lives, no?

Thanks Jana and welcome!

Hi Winnie M
I agree, there's something intimate about sandwich boards - they change every day and are often handwritten. They have much more potential than billboards.