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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Browsing Around in the Village

Christopher Street, the Village
Photo by myself on Christopher Street, in The Village.

Shoppers strolled the sidewalks Saturday afternoon, taking in all the boutiques with their festive decorations.

In this neighborhood, tiny bookstores are located next to tea purveyors and x-rated shops. Just around the corner, competing lines of people waited outside Magnolia Bakery and the Marc Jacobs store.


Walking around on Saturday, the city felt empty. There were people here and there on the sidewalks, but nothing like the bustling droves there can be, doing last-minute holiday shopping.

You could tell that most of the residents weren't home. The pristine townhouses in that neighborhood, on Bleeker and Bedford and Barrow, looked gorgeous but without life. The celebrities and regular folk who live there were probably lounging on an exotic beach, rather than shuffling around New York on an overcast day.

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Susu said...

Once again I love your picture. It conveys a cozy atmosphere. It seems like a snapshot taken just at the right moment. Festive season is ahead and we'll get to marvel at all the decorations - I love it!

Anonymous said...

I think I would love East Village. I hate shopping except when it is an adventure - when you can stroll around and not know what type of shop you will find next then it becomes more fun.

Kitty said...

Hi Susu
Thank you!
It's a lovely, cute neighborhood with a lot going on. I wouldn't mind living over there except the apartments are extremely expensive.

I think you'd love the area too. The East Village is a bit grungier but no less interesting. This photo is more on the west side. I love it down there...I forgot to mention some little bars and restaurants that are quite good.

Lily Hydrangea said...

I love the west village and the black framed doorways.Your photos always make me want to get on the train and go hang out in the city!

Anonymous said...

There's always lots to see in the Village.


The Gotham Palate said...

My compliments to you on this picture. It captures so much of the color and charm of Old Greenwich Village.

Ming the Merciless said...

Love the great colors and the guy lighting his cigarette.

Hope you had a great holiday weekend.