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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The MetLife Building, All Lit Up

Metropolitan Life Building at dusk
Photo by myself of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company at 23rd Street and Madison Avenue, at dusk.

This building is dramatically lit in the evenings. Its details are wonderful and two fine restaurants are housed on the ground floor; Eleven Madison Park and Tabla.

I rarely post architectural shots because Mark says that photos with people are more interesting. But I couldn't resist posting a photograph of one of my favorite buildings in New York.


Yet another one of my projects has been affected by the economy. This one, the partial renovation of a gorgeous duplex on the Upper East Side, has been put on hold until 2010. The owners were planning to put in central air conditioning and redesigning several rooms.

Meanwhile, friends are still shaking in their shoes regarding the future. One friend's office seems to lay off several employees, each pay day.

BUT...not everything is bad. One friend just found a job, after a sudden lay off a couple months ago. A couple other friends have found temporary work at another architectural office.

Incidentally, this blog gets the most hits from search engines regarding the cost of living in New York. Maybe it's because people are curious, since New York an expensive city, or maybe people are looking to relocate? I'm not sure.

All I know is that it's a shaky time, but that all is not lost.

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Anonymous said...

It is the same over here. Every evening on the local news there is a bit about some company or another either closing down or laying off staff. I have noticed several of my reliable sources of work dry up.

It is going to be a tougher winter than usual.

Olivier said...

cette tour est magnifique, surtout de nuit. Je sais pas si les couleurs différentes veulent dire quelque chose (comme à l'ESB) !!

this tower is beautiful, especially at night. I do not know if the different colors mean something (like ESB)!

Fredrik said...

Same over here too. Giant companies like VOLVO and SAAB kicks thousands. And the construction company SKANSKA recently declared that they must lay off about 2000 in Sweden. The construction industry went from success to misery in less than a few months.
We're doomed if you ask me...
Anyway, great photo!

tr3nta said...

Nice view... nice tower... but it must be small for NYC

Jazzy said...

love the clean lines and the angle of the shot.

Lily Hydrangea said...

I always thought pictures with people were more interesting too. in fact, I have thousands of photos with people that I took before I started blogging. you made me pause to think, why is it that most of my blog photos don't have people in them?
I like your building photo.

Kitty said...

It's amazing to think how interconnected our countries are. Yikes.

I'm crossing my fingers for you!

Hi Olivier
lol, I'm not sure if the lights change color at this building? but I doubt it can begin to compete with the Empire State Building nearby.

Thanks Fredrik
Wow, that is terrible. I had no idea. That is a tremendous amount of people.

Thanks Tr3nta
They built a large modern apartment building nearby, which is too bad, but generally in its neighborhood the tower is fairly noticeable.

The Flatiron Building is nearby. It's a very nice neighborhood.

Thanks Jazzy and welcome!

Hi Lily
that's very interesting about your photos. Perhaps it's the aspect of posting them on the internet?

I'd love to see your people shots!

kostas said...

Very nice perspective.

Kris said...

I do like the angle here very much.

Anonymous said...

"Incidentally, this blog gets the most hits from search engines regarding the cost of living in New York. Maybe it's because people are curious, since New York an expensive city, or maybe people are looking to relocate? I'm not sure."

I originally found your blog through just such a search, because I'm relocating to Manhattan for work this spring, and wanted to follow some "neighborhood bloggers." (Now you're a well established fixture on my sporadically updated blogroll!)

I, too, tend to prefer photos with people in them, but this one gets a double-thumbs-up for the angle and the great contrast with twilight sky.