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Friday, December 5, 2008

Hitting the Newsstand, Underground

Newstand, 59th Street
Photo by myself on the subway platform, at 59th Street Columbus Circle.

You can purchase reading material, gum and snacks from such newsstands around the city. On the subway platforms, they emit a comforting light, providing safety when no one else is around.


The upcoming vacation for Mark and I is coming at the perfect time. I've been overcome by the winter doldrums. My projects have been inching along and the office is quiet.

Food and snacks have also been flooding in, and we worker bees are waddling around a little heavier than usual. People make frequent trips to the kitchen to check out vendor gifts and whatever food has been leftover from client meetings.

Hard to believe that Mark and I will be boarding the plane soon. It'll be good to get a break from the self-indulgence and chilly weather!

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Olivier said...

moi aussi je suis pressé de prendre l'avion, mais c'est pour faire l'inverse de toi, c'est pour venir a NYC.........Yesssssssssss.....I Love NYC.........

Terry B said...

You had wondered in an earlier post how long you could keep Mark in New York. Winter breaks like this one are one way to do it, preferably if you can hold off 'til about February. By then, you're thoroughly sick of winter, but after a week somewhere warm, you have the feeling that the end of the cold is in sight when you get back.

Spandrel Studios said...

Safe travels, and have a fantastic break! Hope the weather is a nice change from the cold of the Northeast.... Can't wait to hear how lovely Mexico is!