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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Choose Your Tree on Seventh Avenue

Christmas Trees, Sixth Avenue, NYC
Photo by myself on Sixth Seventh Avenue, around Christopher Street.

The Christmas trees and wreaths are being sold on sidewalks for New Yorkers to bring home. Walking by these areas, you can get a whiff of the pine needles and the holidays.

Special thanks to Ken Mac for correcting me on where this photo was taken.


I haven't gotten to the point of bringing home a tree yet, though last year I indulged in a wreath. The whole thought seems indulgent - take a live tree, haul it up to the apartment and decorate it, only to lug it down again to the sidewalk a few weeks later.

I hope to get photos once the season is over, when trees are left out for garbage pick up. You encounter trees dumped immediately after Christmas, and ones dumped as late as February in the new year, their limbs and leaves all browned and crispy. In front of the larger buildings you find several trees stacked on top of one another.

Right now, we can enjoy everything still shiny new. There isn't any grey slushy snow yet or big puddles. The holiday jingles are still quaint and refreshing.

Enjoy the unjaded feeling while we can!

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Lily Hydrangea said...

we always used to get the most pitiful tree ala charlie brown when we lived in the Village. we had a $5 budget!
Our apt. was so small we couldn't have gotten much bigger anyway.

Olivier said...

belle scène de rue, elle semble très heureuse de ces courses la damoiselle.
nice street stage, her seems very happy of this shopping the damoiselle.

BrianC said...

You're spending a lot of time in my neighborhood. I actually bought a tree from this place a few years ago. They always set up outside "Duplex." Now I just have an artificial tree because I can't stand the idea of supporting the killing of so many trees . . . just to see them dumped unceremoniously at the curb. What a waste. Sure, they smell nice and look nice. But the kids don't seem to mind the switch.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I never get a tree either as I am usually in England for Christmas, but I love the smell of the pines and how festive it makes me feel seeing them on the street :-)

Paz said...

I've never had a real tree before only artificial. The real ones sure smell good. ;-)


Kizz said...

I only buy a wreath and I keep it until the bitter, bitter end but I like to go to the park on wood chipper day. You can bring your tree for chipping and you can go home with a bag of chippety mulchy stuff for your garden (if you have a garden, which I do not, I just like the chippery smell).

Ken Mac said...

isn't this actually 7th avenue? That's the Duplex on the left.

valeria said...

Oh, I love the smell of the pine needles! It smells of...Chrismtas!

Tammy said...

I assumed most people had fake trees there. Are you going to post your tree?