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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sunset Views, Mexico

Sunset, Mexico
Photo by myself in Mexico.

The view from a restaurant tucked into the hillside is spectacular. The thatched roof can be seen from below.


Mark and I will spend all day Saturday traveling back home from vacation, so I'll be posting in advance.

While we were away we encountered several sets of Americans. The most memorable were elderly and very drunk. Mark and I met them when we pulled over to ask for directions. They looked like extreme ex-hippies or extras from Rosemary's Baby, that is, they were a little creepy and in desperate need of haircuts.

Our time away was relaxing and wonderful, but we're happy to be back home!

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tam said...

Glad you both had a great time! The sunset is beautiful.

Sharon said...

Beautiful photo! Safe travels!

Mike said...

Hello again! A beautiful sunset.

babooshka said...

Just spectacular

Islipian said...

ahhh...lovely....you missed lots of rain...and now, COLD....but it looks like you had lovely weather in mexico...hope you had a really nice time. i bet little rupert will be SO happy to see you!

tr3nta said...

Ufff... what a shock from NYC to here... :-)

J.C. said...

Beautiful sky!