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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Central Park, in the Rain

Central Park, in the rain
Photo by myself in Central Park, New York.

The different, intertwining levels in Central Park, the main public park in Manhattan, give it depth and interest.

Many footpaths that wind around, traversed by bridges. The main loop accommodates cars, runners, cyclists, horses, rollerbladers and pedicabs, and is about 6 1/2 miles long.


You wouldn't think that the above park is ringed with tall buildings and contains a zoo with polar bears.

In the summer, audiences flock to the park on the west side, near 81st Street, for free performances of Shakespeare's plays. Tickets for Shakespeare in the Park are free of charge, but you still have to get a ticket to be allowed to watch.

Well-known actors have been involved in the Shakespeare performances, which are staged by the Public Theater, including Helen Hunt, Sam Waterson, Liev Schreiber and Julia Stiles. Celebrities have shown up in the audience too, to enjoy the show at the Delacorte Theater, an open-air amphitheater.

Tickets are available the day of the show, and each performance is usually sold out. I've been lucky to see several performances in recent years. I have to say the experience of live theater in the park with other New Yorkers is truly magical.

And, it's free!

For more on Shakespeare in the Park, click here.

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Vanilla Press said...

This is one thing I love about NYC...Central Park...and the way people congregate together to watch movies or plays.Its just so amazing.What a unique city!

Reluctant Blogger said...

Wow, that's amazing that it's free.

That photo looks so much like it was taken in the UK. I"m not sure if it is the rain or the bridge or what really but I thought for a split second when I first came over here than you had come to Britain!

It's been icy cold here for more than a week now - no rain at all, just hard frosts every day.

Paz said...

I love that there are so many places to discover in the park and all over NYC. ;-)

Happy New Year!


Saretta said...

It's raining here in Italy today, too. Pity we don't have such a nice park in my town!

Terry B said...

Another lovely picture and story, Kitty, stirring pangs of longing for New York in me. I've read that people line up in the early morning hours to get tickets for Shakespeare in the Park, but perhaps that's only for certain plays or stars. What's been your experience in getting tickets?

chimesey said...

"Another lovely picture and story, Kitty, stirring pangs of longing for New York in me"


Kitty said...

thanks everyone and Happy Saturday! ;-)

Vanilla - I haven't yet mentioned the free concerts in the summer with the NY Philharmonic and bands of various genres. It is quite the zoo!

I had that sense, actually, while standing there in the rain. It was cold but there was a certain beauty to it.

Hope your house is warm!

Hi Paz
It's nice, yes, how many things there are to do, with no obligation of doing anything.

Happy 2009!

Welcome Saretta
From my travels in Italy there are hillsides all around at least, to look at ? The scenery itself must be relaxing.

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to seeing your blog.

Hi Terry B
Yes, the quest for Shakespeare tickets is legendary. You can get them only in two places in the city, from what I know, at the Public Theatre box office on Lafayette and somewhere downtown near Wall Street.

I've seen a few plays, only because the office where I worked was involved in production. I've also seen shows at the Public Theater, which were wonderful.

I remember seeing Helen Hunt in the audience once and I've watched Liev Shreiber perform, which was amazing.

In general the Public Theater is known for spare sets, interesting lighting and fine acting. I have never been let down by their work.

Thanks Chimesey!

Tam said...

What a fabulous park. NYC has so much to offer! We have rain today, It's supposed to get cold here over the next few days... mid 30s.

Wayne said...

Just the way I like it, no one around. I'd be happy to stroll through there in the rain with the place to myself, relatively speaking.

valeria said...

I'd love to have a place like that to go walking... I swear I'd exercise every day if I had it!

Lily Hydrangea said...

I love the green, it gives me hope for spring!

roentarre said...

The scenery is pleasant and beautiful.

Jazzy said...

very atmospheric picture!

Sharon said...

Great picture. Except for the one car, there is not a person in sight. Amazing.

Fredrik said...

Lovely picture! Do you know if Central Park is protected from exploitation in the future?

Mama Mayborne... said...

is it just me or does this look like a scene from Law and Order?!? gret shot!!