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Friday, February 6, 2009

Art Underground, the MoMA Way

MoMA @ Atlantic/Pacific, Bklyn

Photo by myself from the Atlantic/Pacific subway station in Brooklyn.

Hyper graphics announce a forthcoming installation by MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art. From February 10 - March 15, special exhibits will be on view at Atlantic/Pacific station, one of the main stops in Brooklyn.

I'll definitely be there for photographs!


According to The Brooklyn Paper, the graphics are part of an ad campaign to lure Brooklynites across the waters to MoMA, on 54th Street.

Although New Yorkers live among great museums and institutions, it's a pity that these artistic venues are so expensive. An adult ticket for MoMA costs $20. Many New Yorkers visit on Friday evenings, where admission is free between 4pm and 8pm.

The same goes for the Guggenheim, where an adult ticket costs $18. I remember thinking several times before attending a special exhibit there a few years ago, which was even more expensive that the usual arm and leg required at the door. (Happily, I wound up attending and enjoying every minute of the show).

You can read more about the MoMA ad campaign here.

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Olivier said...

ta photo pourrait faire parti d'une exposition sur le MOMA, elle est parfaite.

Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing NEW YORK with all of us. "I'll make it there"

Enjoy your weekend!

Terry B said...

You're so right about New York having wonderful museums, but those museums being pricey to visit. Whenever I make it to New York, I try to time my visits to take advantage of the free Friday evenings at MoMA. Many other museums offer similar breaks. On Fridays, the Guggenheim is pay what you wish [they suggest $10, but it's your call], from 5:45 'til closing at 7:45. Beginning mid-May, it will switch to Saturdays. At the Metropolitan Museum, their $20 admission is "suggested"--let your conscience and willingness to stare down the person at the desk be your guide. As a bonus, admission to the Metropolitan gets you same day admission to the lovely Cloisters up in Fort Tryon Park [and vice versa]. The Whitney is pay what you wish on Friday evenings from 6 to 9. The International Center of Photography accepts voluntary contributions on Friday evenings from 5 to 8. The Jewish Museum is just plain free on Saturdays. Most other museums offer some kind of break--check their websites.