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Saturday, March 7, 2009

On Manhattan Buildings and Brooklyn Beer

Municipal Bldg, NYC
Photo by myself of the Municipal Building, on Centre Street, near City Hall.

The front of this landmark building from the turn of the century says 'New Amsterdam' and 'Manhattan'. This landmark building was designed by the revered architectural firm McKim, Mead and White, known for their gorgeous high-end residences and civic buildings.


Apologies for the late post. Work has been nuts lately, with multiple deadlines going on for me and my coworkers. But it was nothing a tall pint of Brooklyn Lager couldn't solve!

Yes, Brooklyn has its own beer. If you have the chance to try it, it's quite good. On the less hoppy side, Mark describes it as 'halfway to a Sam Adams'. Most bars in New York have it on tap.

The Brooklyn Brewery is located in a huge warehouse space in Williamsburg. They conduct free tours on Saturdays and Sundays and it's open Friday nights. The times I've been there have been fun - the large open space is filled with young kids, there is art on the walls, music playing and general mayhem.

Beers are $4 each or buy $20 worth of tokens for 6 cups. There's a Winter Ale, Summer Ale, Weisse and Pilsner but the Brooklyn Lager is by far the most popular flavor.

You might need a Brooklynite to lead you to the Brewery. It's located on North 11th Street a little ways away from the L train in Williamsburg. Check out their website here.

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Bron said...

I love the intricacies of the stone work. I can see a pineapple tree up there!

Lily Hydrangea said...

You've got me sold on the lager, I can't wait to try it. Maybe on St. Patty's day...

Dottie Jo said...

I love this builging - it's one of my favorites to photograph.

Kitty said...

lol Bron.
Yes the building is rather ornate. I can't imagine carving all that.

Hi Lily
I'm sure they have Brooklyn Lager out where you are. I hope you enjoy it!

Hi Dottie Jo
It's a huge building, isn't it? And pretty striking from both far away and close up.

Will Hennessy said...

gorgeous building, thanks for posting! oh, and cheers, I'm sure that lager hit the spot...