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Monday, March 30, 2009

Trading Spaces

Park Slope, Brooklyn
Photo by myself in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

There are some very pretty residences in Brooklyn. Some of the townhouses are set back from the street and have little gardens in front.


New Yorkers I know are moving. But they're staying in New York.

A couple I know is moving in with each other. After consulting a few realtors, they found a big one-bedroom apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

The place is described as having 'walk-in closets' and an eat-in kitchen, which are absolute luxuries in New York standards. Not only that, they managed to bargain the rent down by a hundred dollars a month, to $1,800. Unheard of!

It's a renter's market. The Times says so, too.

After 10+ years of living in New York, I never thought I'd see this day. It was a given that rents would go up, and renters were at the mercy of landlords. It was a given that if you saw an apartment in the Village Voice Wednesday morning, you'd find yourself competing with 50 other applicants that afternoon.

For those lucky enough to have stable jobs and incomes, their time has come.

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Susu said...

What a lovely townhouse! Sounds like the situation is very identical to that of Paris. Walk-in-closets in Paris itself cost honey and eat-in-kitchens are very hard to come across. But now prices are coming down, it seems.

Olivier said...

c'est une superbe maison, et c'est un des très beaux quartiers de Brooklyn. Dire qu'il y a quelques années, Park Slope était laissé à l'abandon.

it is a beautiful house, and it is one of the beautiful neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Say that a few years ago, Park Slope was abandoned.

elsiee said...

it's just wrong to tease a california girl about low rents in new york, just wrong...

spandrel studios said...

That's the kind of city living I could imagine enjoying! Set back from the street, lots of lovely details... you always take the most inviting photos!

• Eliane • said...

Yes, it is renters market! I just read that article too.
I do not need to move but I am considering it. I love my place which I got for a very good price a few years ago (a little terrace, good size apt, great layout, in the UWS next to Riverside Park). But, i noticed the apartment accross the hall has been empty for months. It usually took a week or two between tenants in the past. So I browsed and yes, looks like I can find something similar or better than what I have now for a much lower rent. Now, I have to factor in the moving costs and TLC to see if any of this makes any sense. But it is fun to explore.

City.Girl.Em said...

This place is a dream. I have a secret fantasy to live in New York City or there abouts. What a great city!

Lily Hydrangea said...

I love your title & I wouldn't mind this nice little townhouse either!