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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lining Up, Election Day

Voting line
Photo by myself in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Voters queued up in lines that wrapped around the block. While people waited, many drank coffee, read the paper and made conference calls.


The lines to vote were slow moving Tuesday morning, but we were fortunate that the weather was gorgeous.

Watching the tally of votes Tuesday night, there was nothing so powerful as NBC's live coverage of various cities, without a voice over. The camera cut between Harlem, Rockefeller Center, Chicago, Atlanta and other cities. The screen was filled with cheering people waving American flags.

New York is such a progressive city, often New Yorkers feel like we live in a country of our own. Many of us were worried about what the rest of the country would do, during the elections. I'm happy to see that we were needlessly paranoid.

Anyhow, there it is. We've elected a new president. Fireworks were set off here, in Brooklyn.

Hopefully, there will be better days to come.

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valeria said...

I am so happy Obama is the new President! I saw the live images from Chicago during the night, it was so impressive, emozionante - moving!

Susu said...

Yey, the reason has won! The profounds finally got what the coasts have figured out long ago! What an exiting new beginning! Wow wow wowwy!

Kathrine said...

Hey - great photo and congratulations on the new precident!
Here in Denmark we've followed the election closely and more then 85% of the population would have voted for Obama.
I'm very emotionally moved by the whole process and will probably shed a tear or two. Such a great, great day for the World!
/Kathrine in Copenhagen

Olivier said...

superbe victoire d'Obama, la France fait la fête et je pense qu'a NYC c'est la même chose.

bobbie said...

Great photo. I am so kicking myself for not taking my camera with me. I was there before the doors opened, and there was a great shadow on the wall of the people in line.

Thank God, Obama did win! As evidenced by these comments, and so many others I have read elsewhere, the whole world is breathing a sigh of relief.

Reluctant Blogger said...

Yes, great news. Such a relief.

This queuing to vote thing is so strange though. It just doesn't happen here. There are usually more officials than voters when I go.

We have fireworks here tonight as well - not for Obama but for that old rascal Guy Fawkes.

Spandrel Studios said...

"Hopefully, there will be better days to come."

Amen to that!

A Red Mind in a Blue State said...

I voted for McCain, but it was fun watching the sheer joy last night-- In many ways Pres. Obama defeated both the "old" Democrats and the "old" republicans this year--maybe we can get past the hate-filled Clinton-Bush wars and work together-- most of the great things government has accomplished have been done bipartisanly--regardless of whom got the credit.

A new dawn?

Kitty said...

Hi everyone!
It's interesting and cool to see responses from our friends in other countries. So telling.

Hi Valeria
I agree, it was very moving. I was in tears 1/2 the time.

Hi Susu
hee hee. Yes, this direction has been a long time coming. I guess it had to be that some parts of the country lagged behind others

Thanks Kathrine
That's cool that so much of Denmark is on our side. So many times, Mark has threatened to move to Canada, and has wondered aloud what the world thinks of us.

Thanks Olivier!

Hi Bobbie and welcome
Those missed photo opportunities are tough, aren't they? Well, next time. I look forward to reading your blog.

I'll have to look up this Guy Fawkes person. I am sadly ignorant!

Thanks Spandrel!

Hi Tony
I thought of you last night during the whole process. I have to say that McCain's concession speech was sincere and commendable. I truly hope the country comes together at this tough time.

It's wonderful that people went out and VOTED. I hope this becomes more prevalent; so often I feel we're not so involved in our government as we could be.

Lily Hydrangea said...

Although I was utterly unprepared for it, I too was in tears half the time as I watched the great events of Last night unfold.
I can feel it in the air, better days are ahead, we have the world behind us now.
No matter who we voted for, today is a day to be proud to be an American.

Tammy said...

Look at the gorgeous colored leaves on the trees! All our leaves have fallen off a while ago and the trees are so bare now. :o(

Terry B said...

We were in Chicago's Grant Park last night, Kitty, with nearly a quarter of a million people. What an amazing, electrifying, renewing night. I will never forget it, ever.

tr3nta said...

GO OBAMA!.... GOooooo......

Kizz said...

I would never have considered getting up early to vote except that I lived in Park Slope when I first voted in NYC and I tried to vote after work once and it was a nightmare! Even voting at 6am in Clinton Hill this year was like those after work times in the Slope but it didn't matter, we'd have waited all day if that's what it took.

Kris said...

The beauty of compulsory voting here in Australia is that in about a dozen different elections, I've always been straight in and out. Never had to wait once!

Lots of booths and people to help ease things along. We're very good at elections!