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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lighting The Way

Photo by myself outside Macy's department store, at 34th and 6th Avenue.

The lights are out already at Macy's, draped in the form of a huge Christmas Tree. Outside, pedicabs line up, waiting for fares.


There were parties everywhere in the city after the election results came in Tuesday, around 11pm. People in Fort Greene, Brooklyn danced in the streets in their nightgowns. Firecrackers were set off in Park Slope.

Mark had fallen asleep by then, and I watched the wrap up from the sofa with our puppy and cat.

Life went on as usual Wednesday. The subway was slow going in the morning. We had a little rain. My coworkers sauntered in at various times and we all sat down to work furiously.

It was the same as it ever was, only different.

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valeria said...

I never wished I was in NY or Chicago as badly as I did yesterday!
But I felt the vibe!

Olivier said...

les lumières de chez Marcy's , superbes. J'adore la grande parade des fleurs. Je suis impatient de voir NYC sous les couleurs de noël.

lights at Marcy's, superb. I love the big parade of flowers. I look forward to NYC under the colors of Christmas.

tr3nta said...

is it Christmas already????... :-)

Virginia said...

Great NYC shot today. Just what we all think of!!!

Lily Hydrangea said...

yes Kitty, it sure is different now isn't it.
I used to work at this Macy's in the display department. Every year at this time I have fond memories of decorating the inside of the store for the holidays. Everything had to be done by the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
I always look forward to seeing their windows too.

Kizz said...

I'm so glad you were up while he was being declared victorious. It was great to hear from you!

Mame said...

Nice warm light you captured!

Islipian said...

Nothing like Manhattan at Christmastime! Thanks for a little preview, Miss Kitty!

Carly said...

Love your blog, I look forward to the pictures every day and I enjoy the narratives you add

J.C. said...

Over here in Malaysia, people are rejoicing over Obama's victory too! I have even sent out sms to friends who were travelling in Nepal's Annapurna Trek to inform them of tis good news!

Just Roaming The Cities said...

Nice lighting, I love the yellowed tungsten look.