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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Way Up on the Upper East Side

Central Park View, NYC
Photo by myself from Fifth Avenue, around 90th Street.

I've posted several photos from the Upper West Side looking out to Central Park. Now for a view from the Upper East Side.

The view across Central Park is stunning, especially on a sunny day. I was visiting a job site and took this photo through the window. Ahead lies the Reservoir, a small body of water surrounded by a popular running path. A complete loop around the Reservoir is a little over a mile.


New York news has been scant, which is not a bad thing. So here's the latest on our little family.

Mark is away for a week in South America for a project, so it's just me and the animals (cat, dog and fish). The cat is now getting saline treatments for her kidneys. The dog had a booboo on his paw and requires medication. The fish...well, the fish are okay for the moment.

On top of it, I was exposed to chicken pox the other day at my doctor's office. My physician came down with it a day after my appointment, and I've never had the chicken pox. So I'm crossing fingers that all of us, four-legged, two-legged and no-legged creatures, will be intact on Mark's return.

In the meantime, there's more work to be done and more photos to take!

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Olivier said...

une belle carte postale de NYC...de quoi rêver tranquillement devant son écran...

Velvet Eden said...

Hi Kitty!

What a wonderful shot! I love the UWS shot too!

I do hope that you won't get chicken pox but the virus remains dormant in the body and only shows after a period of 9 days to 2 weeks. If you are worried, try to get a vaccination (Varicella) around this time. Once the chicken pox arrives, getting a vaccine would then be useless.

I had chicken pox in March and the scars are ....! Getting it as an adult is no fun at all! Even the senior minister in Singapore got it at age 68, and he was just discharged today! haha!

Keep up on the great writing! I love the tongue-in-cheek viewpoint. Have you considered being a photo journalist?

Have a good week ahead and I sincerely hope nothing bad happens to you and the dear fish, cat and dog till Mark returns!

Kitty said...

Thanks Olivier!
Yes it does look like a picture postcard. :-)

Thanks so much, Velvet
Wow, a chicken pox survivor! Thanks for the advice...I'll contact my physician (not the poxed one) for a possible vaccine. That sounds horrible.

Photography as a profession would honestly be a dream come true. The only limiting factor would be a great deal of travel. I'd hate to be away from Mark and the critters.

Lily Hydrangea said...

I'm loving your recent pictures of the park Kitty!
I hope your beloved pets recover quickly from all that ails them & I will keep my fingers crossed for you as well, re the CP. Thank goodness Mark is only gone for a week!

imhkki said...

beautiful shot

Frank de Jol said...

Excellent view !!

Tiago Ralha said...

It looks like a painting of Central Park :)

Bela foto...

Ken Mac said...


Kris said...

It's all looking nice and green!

Mike said...

That is good enough for a postcard picture.