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Monday, September 14, 2009

On the Street and on the Runways

Wall Street at night
Photo by myself at the New York Stock Exchange, at Wall and New Streets.

When I was here around twilight, a guard stood outside this institution. The building is probably patrolled all day and night, though I'm sure there's nothing of immense value inside.

Click here for an overall view of the building.


By the way, it's Fashion Week in New York. Designers are showing their Spring 2010 Spring Collections.

Enormous white tents have been strung up in Bryant Park for the occasion. Not all shows take place in the park; some are staged in hotels and auditoriums around town.

Unfortunately most New Yorkers don't see the shows at all, which are open to a select few. We have to flip through magazines like everyone else.

Click here to see New York Magazine's excellent review of the shows and fashion trends.

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Olivier said...

dans la rue de l'or de NYC, belle photo de nuit
the streets of gold from NYC, beautiful night photography

Vanilla said...

Lovely photo

Lily Hydrangea said...

interesting perspective you've captured with the guard.
He must get so bored.

Entertainment Blog said...

heheheeh, nice shot.

We can say, the guard was really doing his duty ;)

Kitty said...

Thanks everyone :-)

yeah, I feel for the guard, too. It must be terrible. You can't read, you can't browse online. You can't do much of anything!