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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bagels Anytime, on the Upper West Side

H and H Bagels, UWS
Photo by myself at H+H Bagel on the Upper West Side, at Broadway and 80th Street.

The interiors of this establishment look like they're trapped in the 1970s.


I will venture to say that H+H Bagel as makers of the best bagels in New York.

I'm sure I could have a debate over this with other New Yorkers. H+H bagels are large, crunchy-ish on the outside, soft-ish on the inside. Their 'everything' bagel is by far my favorite flavor, laden with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion and salt.

Bagels are made on premises. You can watch the dough being formed, boiled in large pots, then baked in the ovens behind the counter.

Plus, the place is open 24/7. You can satisfy that nagging carbohydrate craving at 3 am, tee hee.

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WTakeuchi said...

Bagels are not common in Brazil, which is a pitty. I can't forget the delicious bagels that I used to have for breakfast in a coffe shop close to my hotel when I travelled to San Diego years ago.

kenju said...

The best bagel I ever had was bought from a small shop near the Staten Island Ferry.

brattcat said...

Oh, you make them sound so perfect. I want a fresh everything bagel right now. Unfortunately it would take me the better part of a day to get there and get back home again.

ChickenUnderwear said...

Before 7/11 stores come to Brooklyn we had bagel stores they stayed open 24/7 because they baked all night so they could have bagels in the am. I still live in Brooklyn and I will only buy a bagel if it was baked within sight of the cash register.

Paula said...

It's nice to know that shops like these are still open despite the recession. The everything bagel sounds great, I use them like garlic bread, they're great with a big meal.

Ken Mac said...

the fabulous, legendary and incomparable H&H!!

Lily Hydrangea said...

I love their bagels. & yes it does look like the 70's in this photo. Nice capture Kitty!

Jiayi said...


Andrea said...

Although we get bagels here in England, the nicest ones I have ever had was on my one and only trip to the States. It was half the price of the bagels in the UK at $1.99 and it was loaded with avocado, cream cheese and salmon !! We ate it while sitting on the green grass of the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.