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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Homeless Woman, 34th Street Platform

34th Street, NYC
Photo by myself on the 34th Street subway platform.

Just one of the regulars at this subway station, on Tuesday morning. I see often see this homeless woman asleep next to her belongings.


I take photos of homeless people now and again, but don't feel very good doing so. I do feel though that the homeless are a large part of an urban experience. Making their presence public is important.

A friend of mine used to work at an architectural office downtown. One of her coworkers would take homeless kids in during the winter, so they could sleep on his floor.

I commend that fellow. If only we could all be generous.

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Olivier said...

la dure réalité de la vie, cela donne une belle photo

brian said...

Sad picture. I admire your friend, if only we could be generous enough to help those people. Thanks for sharing and more power to you.

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WTakeuchi said...

Great photo.
I beleive most of the people are generous, but most of the time, too afraid to demonstrate.
Large cities are attractive for the opportunities they apparently have but they end up becoming a trap. Sometimes the streets become the only alternative. Not so long ago an action promoted by an entity that houses homeless in Curitiba and tries to give them a better life, had the motto "Do not give alms, give opportunity."

Luis Gomez said...

It is a beautiful shot. Nevertheless sad. It is amazing how homeless people become invisible in the big cities though.

Ken Mac said...

your pics are good, but I never feel comfortable taking pics of homeless people. We should all pitch in and help and this shot makes that painfully obbvious.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Wow that's amazing of the guy to take in homeless kids over the winter!! What a selfless individual. To be honest I would be too afraid to do that, but I should do something to help!!