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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In the Shadow of Alice Tully Hall, on the Upper West Side

Alice Tully Hall, Upper West Side
Photo by myself of Alice Tully Hall, a new building on the Upper West Side, around 66th Street and Broadway.

This very modern building might be difficult to understand in photographs.

Part of a practice room pokes out through the facade on the second floor. On the ground level behind the women, you can see the back side of outdoor stadium seating, facing the building.

At the top of the seating is a spotlight that shines up at the underside of the building above. The designers, Diller Scofidio Renfro, also designed the renovations to The High Line.

For photos from my visit to the High Line, click here.

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Olivier said...

Je me note d'aller voir cet immeuble, il semble intéressant. Je t'ai envoyé un email pour savoir si on pouvait se voir quand je serais à NYC avec Marie-Noyale et Lori.

Susu Paris Chic said...

So NY-like. Majestic high-rise buildings. Feeling so little at their foot.

WTakeuchi said...

Hi Kitty,
Very interesting building. I have read that it is part of Lincoln Center as a concert hall. Have been there?

lizziviggi said...

Very nice-- the b&w eases the rather chaotic architecture!

Funchal Daily Photo said...

Good photo. The black and white show things that we can't see in collor photos. Nice blog in a lovely city.
Paulo Camacho

Vanilla Press said...

Wow, great photo

Lily Hydrangea said...

I like how you captured the pedestrians out in front. They help put the scene in perspective. I've yet to see this building in person, but I did recognize it from Ken Mac's Greenwich Village Daily Photo. You can check it outhere.

Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

I liked the way the corner juts up just from seeing it in your photo. Knowing that it reflects the function of the space, the angled stadium seating, makes it even cooler.