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Monday, October 19, 2009

On City Water and Recent Talks at City Winery

Eau de Bloomberg, City Winery
Photo by myself at City Winery, on Varick Street near Soho.

The bottle reads: 'NYC Tap Water is some of the best in the world. We have filtered the water and want to help reduce the use of plastic water bottles which results in two million tons of plastic waste a year, not recycled, but in landfills.'

'Eau de Bloomberg' is refers to the current Mayor of New York, Mike Bloomberg. Luckily, the tap water in New York is very good. Many New Yorkers, however, prefer bottled water.

The above was set out on the tables of City Winery, a large restaurant/bar. City Winery hosts a variety of events, including musical performances, wine making classes and special dinners.


Mark and I attended The New Yorker Festival, organized by The New Yorker Magazine, which took place this past weekend.

A seminar on advertising featured (left to right, below) Matthew Weiner, Steve Stout, Lee Clow and Ken Auletta. Conversation ranged from the state of television to the power-structures of advertising, to what's next in the digital age.

New Yorker Festival 2009

Matthew Weiner is the creator of the current television series Mad Men, which features the advertising field in the 1960s. Steve Stout is a former Sony executive, who since founded a prolifc branding company. Lee Clow is the creative force behind the ads for Apple Computer. Ken Auletta is a writer and frequent contributor to The New Yorker.

Tickets to the talk had sold out within ten minutes. Matthew Weiner was a writer and producer on the HBO show The Sopranos. Mad Men has all the intensity of The Sopranos, and is gorgeously art directed. Mark and I love Mad Men. I think many in the audience were thought the talk would be more about the show.

Numerous other talks with thinkers, writers and critics occurred this weekend during The New Yorker Festival this weekend. Click here to review this year's schedule of events.

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Olivier said...

tient, je me posais une question, pourquoi dans les restaurants new yorkais, quand on nous sert de l'eau, il y a toujours de la glace avec ?

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier

Good question! Not sure why our water is usually served with ice. Maybe to seem like it's fancier? I'd love to find out why!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

The water in my building is vile. I think the pipes are suspect and I am tempted to have it analysed. The water in Iceland is amazing, the cleanest I have ever tasted - another the reason to book that trip Kitty ;-)

Do you enjoy Mad Men? I love Joan Holloway of course, but other than that I find it quite dull. I've given up on it. I live advertising I have no need to watch it since I am too young to get a nostalgic thrill from the show.

Kitty said...

Hi Fish!

That's terrible to hear about your pipes. Ugh. The building must be old, or they used steel pipes rather than copper.

I really love Mad Men because of how it looks. The lack of fidelity drives me crazy, though. Why can't they just stop sleeping around?!

Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

More and more restaurants nationwide are switching to filtered tap water. Not throwing away so much plastic in the form of water bottles is reason enough for me to applaud them. And like New York, Chicago is blessed with great tap water.

Regarding the ice in the water, I must admit I'm a big fan, even in the winter. It's just much more refreshing to me that way.