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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dusk, at 72nd Street Station

West 72nd Street, NYC
Photo by myself around 72nd Street and Broadway, on the Upper West Side.

Around dusk, the sky lit up in a deep shade of blue. Meanwhile, the street lamps cast deep shadows on the subway station, which is studded with bolts.


In an effort to outsmart Mother Nature, I'm trying to keep with New York time, while in LA. I can safely say I could never be an airline pilot. How do they go from one time zone to the next, without walking into walls?

I visited the Getty Villa with my parents on Saturday and cannot wait to post photos next week. The Museum is situated in a restored villa in the Malibu hills, near the Pacific Ocean. There is a modern part too, and many outdoor gardens. It is absolutely drop-dead beautiful.

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matt said...

Cool shot, looks like it should be a painting by Edward Hopper!

Neutral Gear said...

Lovely shot.

Luis Gomez said...

Beautiful picture. Very nice capture.

Olivier said...

cela me rappelle de bons souvenirs. dommage que l'on se soit rater, mais j'ai lu ton dernier email en rentrant en France.
En final : NYC est la plus belle ville du MONDE ;o)

Lily Hydrangea said...

love the color sky Kitty.

Damien Franco said...

Really great shot. With the crowd away from the entrance it sort of adds a loneliness to the image.

Kitty said...

Thanks Matt!

Welcome Neutral Gear and thanks!
Always good to meet another New Yorker. I like your photos quite a bit.

Thanks Luis! I was lucky to use this subway for several years when I lived nearby.

Hi Olivier!!
I feel terrible that we did not meet up when you were here. I would have been a zombie.
I am so, so glad you had a good time on your visit here. Hopefully you took beautiful photos as you always do. xo

Thanks Lily. I couldn't resist snapping a pic. ;-)

Thanks so much Damien. I am flattered!

Fredrik said...

One for the wall!