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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hailing a Cab, Outside the Hudson Hotel

Hudson Hotel, NYC

Photo by myself outside the Hudson Hotel, around 58th Street and 9th Avenue.

There was a little bit of a scene outside the Hudson Hotel, which was designed by Philippe Starck.


Not much to report from this front. The Yankees won their 27th World Series last week. I watched part of the last game, and it was inevitable that the Yanks would win. I hope another team wins next year and the year after that!

Work is picking up, with clients demanding that things be done yesterday. One project is rushing to wrap up before Christmas. It's a small renovation out in Connecticut, where the pace is a bit slower than it is in the city. The race to the finish will be similar to driving a jalopy on the freeway. Oy vey!

I visited the project last week, meeting with the cabinetmakers and contractor. Funnily enough, they asked whether a New Yorker could ever live in the country. 'Would you be able to handle it out here?' they asked, and chuckled to themselves.

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