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Monday, November 9, 2009

Tompkins Square Park, in Alphabet City

Tompkins Sq Park

Photo by myself in Tompkins Square Park, in Alphabet City.

It was a gorgeous day Sunday, which resembled summer. Just about everybody was out walking around, eating on the sidewalk and enjoying themselves.


Mark, Rupert and I spent the afternoon walking around Alphabet City and Tompkins Square Park. Mark lived there years ago, and he was shocked by how the neighborhood has changed.

Many of his old stomping grounds have disappeared. Mark had once cautioned me about Alphabet City before one of my walking tours. 'Watch out around 5th and (Avenue) B,' he'd said.

But there's nothing to worry about. The area is completely and utterly gentrified now. People have brunch. And not just brunch, but prix fixe brunch. There are cheese shops, now. I mean, come on, people!

Tompkins Sq market

It's hard to believe that Tompkins Square Park was once riddled with drug dealers and squatters, not so long ago. Now a crowded Farmer's Market is there on weekends. Bushels of local produce, cheeses and cider were on display.

Alphabet City is so named because it spans from Avenue A through Avenue D. It lies just east of the East Village.

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WTakeuchi said...

Hi Kitty. The first picture is fantastic. Passing the peace that you described of people walking around or just resting on the benches. The color of the leaves is amazing.
And guess what! Not so long ago I tried to join the "City Daily Photo" but since the texts are in portuguese my application was refused. So, I then created a look-alike of my blog in english and this (which is a little late to the original, because I'm translating slowly) was accepted. Take a look: curitibaportraits.blogspot.com.
And thanks to you (and my wish to meet NYC), I am having a really good time keeping both blogs!

Susu Paris Chic said...

Thanks for letting me share - thru your post - that beautiful day over in your neighborhoods Kitty! It is interesting and shocking too to see hoods evolve. That foliage looks quaint.

Ken Mac said...

is it still called Alphabet City? Think that was retired about the time Bloomie arrived and the end began. Nice colors

Lily Hydrangea said...

I remember looking at apartments in alphabet city years ago. it was scary (in daylight)to say the least.
I haven't been there in ages. Your photo makes it look like a nice place to go for a stroll.

Anonymous said...

Alphabet City reminds me of the play and movie "Rent". I've just been playing one of their songs on repeat.

I'm glad that neighborhood is much different now.