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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Rupert Fan Club, Part I

Photo by myself in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

One of Rupert's buddies is a greyhound with a beautiful profile. He's very gentle and is always in a good mood.


It's been raining here in New York, so I'm digging into the photo stash.

Rupert recently received some fan mail from some buddies overseas. Lars, a human in Copenhagen, was kind enough to share some of his beautiful photos recently.

Fritzi in Denmark
Fritzi in Hamburg shivers in the cold and says hello.

Chieka, a chow, is shy in front of the camera.

Mimi in a serious moment. She is actually quite easygoing and has a beautiful coat.

Here's what Lars wrote:
'Fritzi belongs to a lovely 80+ year old lady from Hamburg. After 5 or 6 foxterriers she finally decided on another (and easier to live with) race.

Chieka is Fritzi’s friend (and my mothers 4th Chow) and they visit each other several times each year either in Hamburg or in the Southern part of Denmark where Chieka lives. Once a year they also meet and spend a few weeks together in South Tirol during the skiing season. Sometimes Chieka and even Fritzi come to visit Mimi up at my house here north of Copenhagen. Being a Labrador Retriever, Mimi is friendly to everybody including the 2 cats living in the barn.'

Unfortunately Lars does not have a blog, otherwise I'd link to it here. He has a talent for taking superb photos, and I'm happy to be able to post them.

If you have photos or links to Rupert fans at home, do send them along! Just write to me at kittylittered @ gmail.com. Rupert is overjoyed to know he has fans overseas.

I assume if they met, Rupert and his fans could transcend the language barrier by licking, sniffing and just romping around.

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Olivier said...

belle série....voila beaucoup de copain pour Rupert (même si il ne semble pas trop rassurer ;) )

khUthU said...

hi :) nice blog. super nice.

i recently updated my google earth and now, i have 3D buildings on my map. first place to check the newly-to-me map features is NYC! it's an amazing information to have. i'm from Malaysia.. so, i'm practically on the other side of the planet. but, still.

i been learning about NYC and ur blog sorta compliment my readings. its more alive than maps, street, building, travel guides and history.

so.. this is my intense gratitude :) i say again.. nice blog!

missb@dragonflyvintage said...

Rupert has quite the handsome International Fan Club! he has fans here at home, too!

Bibi said...

Bibi in Belgrade sends her regards to Rupert. They're about the same size, and she's very friendly.

Lozzie Cap said...

Meet Hollie the basset hound:


Maybe she could be in Rupert's virtual fanclub?

Kitty said...

Thanks Olivier!
Yes all these fellas seem to look good together.

Thanks so much Khuthu!
Yes, history can be a bit abstract. It comes alive when you see the individuals.

Hi MissB
Yes, the NY Chapter of the Fan Club has a bit of competition. Who knew there are Boston Terriers in Hamburg?

Hello Bibi!!
You must be a Brussels griffon?
The photos you post of Serbia are lovely. Great blog.

Ha Lozzie
I quite enjoyed the slideshow. Poor Hollie has a fixation on biscuits the way Rupert has a fixation on chicken treats. She is funny!!!