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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yadda, Yadda, Yadda...on the Upper West Side

Tom's Restaurant, NYC
Photo by myself on the Upper West Side, at 112th Street and Broadway.

Yes folks, it's the sign you see in every Seinfeld rerun, outside the characters' favorite hangout.

In real life, this neon sign is for Tom's Restaurant way on the Upper West Side, near Columbia University. It's many blocks north of where the Seinfeld character lived, in the West 80's.

I probably dined there a while ago, but it was not a memorable meal. Like many diners here in New York, it is probably equipped with a steady stream of coffee and a multi-page menu.


Last week, I toured around Columbia (University). I hadn't been up there in years.

The neatest thing about this area, which is at a higher elevation than other parts of the city, is that you can actually feel you're higher up. For whatever reason, it feels like you're on top of a great big hill.

Everything was bustling. Kids were strolling about the Columbia campus. It was freezing cold, as usual.

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

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Michael said...

My family went to this diner,just because it was in Seinfeld; in September 2006. It was a Sunday in the late morning around 11am, what was strange, was except for the staff, all the patrons were Europeans. We were all taking photos, I think that the staff were glad to see the back of us.

Ted and Lori said...

We got to eat here too last month. We all had burgers and fries. I allowed myself a coke (very rare). We were in the front corner table, very giddy, taking ridiculous photos of said giddiness. I should post a photo so you can see :)

Kitty said...

Hi Michael
Humph! that's all I can say. I'm a little sad about your experience.

After all, a diner is a diner is a diner. Generally speaking, diners in NY are pretty similar. It's too bad that a tv show has transformed that particular one into something more than it is in reality.

Hi Ted and Lori
I'd love to see your photos! Glad you had a good time there.

Lily Hydrangea said...

I like the pink glow all around the building.

Fantasy said...

I was listening to 'Tom's Diner' the other day. Apparently Suzanne Vega wrote it for the restaurant.

I can't thank you enough for running this blog...
When I come home from work, I can't wait to savour your picturesque NYC photos.