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Friday, March 19, 2010

Enjoying the Air, in Central Park

In Central Park
Photo by myself in Central Park.

I took some photos while driving by in a cab through Central Park, Thursday morning. It was a spring-like day and people were out enjoying the nice weather. I saw dozens of runners and horse carriages, hot dog vendors and people walking about. The park was busy, considering it was a week day.

A well-dressed man caught my attention. He looked like the type to carry a pocket watch, and give lollipops to children. He didn't look too happy, having his photo taken.

In Central Park

I had a hard time choosing between the above photos to show you. Neither of them are that great, in my opinion. What do you think?

Imagine, Central Park, What's in a Name, at Tavern on the Green and Along the Edge of Central Park.


Robert's Graphic Designs said...

It's a nice picture I think! Of course you make much more beautiful pictures of central par. This picture show's something special.

Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

Sorry for the deleted comment above--I spotted a typo immediately after hitting send.

Actually, you've captured nice, quiet moments in the park with these photos, Kitty--little slices of everyday life. And now you've got me jonesing for New York big time. We're planning to get there in May. Can't wait.

Sandy, Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Sometimes it's fun creating imagined scenarios for the photos. In the couple walking, I noticed if you look very closely that he has a wedding ring on, so I'm assuming they're married -- if not, it's a different story altogether :). Looks as if she's been telling him some juicy gossip about some friends of theirs. He's smiling and enjoying the story and pointing his finger as if he's getting ready to comment and give his opinion. For the pocketwatch gentleman, I thought it was quite humorous that he was all dressed quite hibrow and english -- and yet, his shoes are wearing on the bottom. All about putting on airs? Meeting a woman in which he's trying to impress? Who knows what she might look like?

Louis la Vache said...

In the second image, the man looks pensive.

There is a nice rhythm and feeling of joy in the first image. The first image conveys people's joy at having some fine weather after such a stormy winter.

«Louis» likes the first image best.

To live that day said...

Both photos captured some expression on the face, some feeling all over.

The guy in the first photo is definitely enjoying her talk. She, as I see, got some power over him.

The old man doesn't give a definite expression. He is rather bored, waiting for something to happen. Something kinky that has nothing to do with the kind old man image he gives.

F. said...

I like the way the man on the bench is watching the couple althought I can't say what he may be thinking...
but I don't think he's old, it's just the way he looks. The pocket watch is a good guess I think.

lewi14 said...

Wonderful, lively photos again, Kitty. Well photographed.

Anonymous said...

Glad you showed both photos. I like them both. ;-)


Anonymous said...

LOVE all the pics in central park. :) thanks for sharing.