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Saturday, May 1, 2010

From the Rooftops, in Madison Square Park

'Surveillance' installation in Mad Sq Park
Photo by myself in Madison Square Park.

Looking very much like people about to jump off buildings, the installation called 'Event Horizon' is attracting attention, skywards.

31 bronze life-sized statues have been placed around Madison Square Park, many looking down from rooftops. One statue placed on the Empire State Building had the fire department rushing to the scene, thinking it was someone about to jump.

The human figure is unmistakable, even from such a distance. Seeing these statues in such unlikely areas is striking.

Antony Gormley installation, Mad Sq Park

'Event Horizon' coincides with a video installation held in the same area, called 'Surveillance'. Video cameras have been placed around the park and giant tv screens display the live feed. To onlookers, it seems like one massive installation. One could imagine the bronze statues bearing video cameras.

Ernie Gehr installation, Mad Sq Park
A video installation by Ernie Gehr runs until May 15.

Antony Gormley installation, Mad Sq Park

'Event Horizon' continues through the summer until August 15. For an article in the Times, click here.

'Surveillance' ends May 15th. For more about it on the Madison Square Park website, click here.

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Luis Gomez said...

I had read about the installation. Great to see images.Thank you.

Joanne said...

I love this kind of installation, this may mean I might just have to come over and see it:))

Unknown said...

Interesting installation. The first shot is really amazing!

Anonymous said...

Amazing photography ! Have to admit, that I first thought these were real people.
Please have a wonderful Sunday.

daily athens

Fashion Schlub said...

hmm. interesting. and a little bit creepy! wonder if any traffic accidents will be caused by driver's catching sight of someone "about to jump"?!

Louis la Vache said...

Pour le 1er Mai, «Louis» vous donne un bouquet de Muguet.

anne mancine said...

Very cool.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I love Antony Gormley's work, but given the number of false alarms the project has generated for the emergency services I do question whether it was a good idea. I wonder if it caused a similar problem when it was exhibited in London.

dianasfaria.com said...

thanks for the heads up Kitty! I've been wanting to see this - and then I forgot all about it. I will be in Manhattan with my son next week & I know he would enjoy this too.

cara said...

Fantastic idea! Nicely photographed too.