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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bluegrass Music, Below Ground - The Ebony Hillbillies at 34th Street

Below Penn Station
Photo by myself, in the 34th Street subway station.

There are almost always musicians playing in this subway station near the turnstiles. These musicians are sponsored by the MTA 'Arts for Transit' program, which brings artists and musicians underground.

The fellows above are the Ebony Hillbillies. They call themselves 'the last black string band in America', carrying on a tradition of African-American bluegrass fiddlers from the 18th century.

Though they usually play in the NY Subways, the Hillbillies have been touring. (Don't you love the internet?) They just performed a concert in Charleston, South Carolina.

Here they are caught on video, bringing down the house:

For more about the MTA Arts for Transit program, click here.

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cheeky curves said...

I found you yesterday and I am so pleased I did, love you photos, makes me envious, only I can be because I can't take photos as that brings the characters to life as you can
Thank You for sharing your creativity

Kitty said...

Thanks dear Cheeky, and welcome!

If you are interested in photography, I recommend practicing as often as you can. Bring your camera along with you in your purse, if you can.

Take a class if you need to, to learn the manual settings on your camera. It makes a big difference in how focused your images look, or whether the lighting is right.

humtv said...

I love music.

Ken Mac said...

we be jammin. Glad you dug my shot

Anonymous said...

What an amazing program that is. Makes the city of your ever more friendly. Please have a wonderful start into the new week.

daily athens

missb@dragonflyvintage said...

I love the fact that there's an MTA Arts for Transit program!

Lily Hydrangea said...

Oops... I meant to say it here, not on your last post-
Anyway, I love their name!

Eve said...

I never got the chance to see the Ebony Hillbillies while in the subway. I can imagine if I did, I would have been 'doe see doe-ing!' :D Thanks for sharing this!