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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Looking Out Yonder, to the Far West Side

Looking out at New Jersey
Photo by myself in Riverside Park, on the Upper West Side.

Across the serene Hudson River on the west side, lies New Jersey. Many people live in the apartment towers and smaller waterfront condos, and commute to the city for work.

The area just across the river from the upper 70's of Manhattan is called West New York. That is, just west of New York, across the river. The low-rise waterfront condos are very desirable, often selling in the millions.

Buses depart from Port Authority Bus Terminal often at all hours to New Jersey. The Lincoln Tunnel runs below the Hudson River, and it's a quick trip when traffic is light.

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ER said...

OMG, i used to live there, in the mid-80's...on Blvd East across from the Galaxy apartments (three round towers). It looks so different now. There were no riverfront properties back then. The land was owned by Hartz (as in Hartz Mountain) and undeveloped. Oh, and the ferry service hadn't started yet either. Gosh, i had a wonderful view of the Manhattan Skyline. I could also see the 79th St Boat Basin directly across the river. Thanks for this shot, it's brought back a lot of nice memories.

Olivier said...

moment intime volait par la photographe ;)

Bibi said...

Sweet photo....

As a kid I remember our trips to NY, driving 'under the river,' which I thought was so fascinating and scary at the same time.

Kitty said...

Hi ER,
That's cool. Yes, I was standing around 70th Street here, with the immense mountain of Trump towers behind me.

The riverfront properties are in high demand and are pricey, often in the millions.

Thanks Olivier
Yes I'm glad this couple embraced. It makes a big difference.

Hi Bibi
ha, I can understand the fascination for a kid.

Leif Hagen said...

A lovely, monochrome, romantic photo!

Anonymous said...

May life and time continue to treat them kind.

ER said...

in the millions? Oh,why didn't i invest in real estate back then! I rented my two-bedroom basement apartment for $950/mo in 1985. My building, as well as others in my area, were owned by lawyers and brokers purely for investment purposes. I can only imagine the profits they reaped.