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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cooling Off Hot Dogs, in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Doggie Pond, Prospect Park
Photo by myself, in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

A portion of a pond in Prospect Park is fenced off, so dogs can swim and cool off from the heat. There is usually a crowd of people nearby, watching and playing fetch. In other parts of the pond are ducks and turtles.


It's been swelteringly humid here in New York, for the last week. Threats of rain and showers large and small have done nothing to cool us off. As a result, people are cranking their air conditioners, causing electrical shortages.

The subway platforms alone are insane. The air conditioners for the subway cars create an enormous amount of heat. Ugh. Most people look pretty terrible by they time they get to the office.

At least the parks provide some relief. Rupert swam a bit this weekend and now smells like pond! Egad!

Doggie Pond, Prospect Park

Doggie pond, Prospect Park
Our Boston Terrier, Rupert, was up to his elbows in pond water, with friends.

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a lewis said...


I love your photos, they are great, and they feel real (as I know they are of course).

Viewing them from this side of the pond they just feel right.

Great stuff.


Leif Hagen said...

I can't help but guess that the little girl got sprayed by the dog when he shook off the pond water!

Washington said...

Hi Kitty! Wonderful pictures! For what you have described, soon I will have to swim in the ponds too! In 2 weeks we will board to NYC

Bibi said...

I can't get Bibi to go near the water. But she likes to be wet, so sometimes I take some water with me outside when it's very hot and douse her.

Great photos.

Ken said...

Got me my Rupert fix! Thanks!

Kitty said...

came over to check out your shots. very fun and I like your sincere commentary as well. enjoyed this series. will try to be back.

Lily Hydrangea said...

aww! yay for Rupert! I'm glad he is keeping cool.
It is pretty disgusting outside.
I just came back from Manhattan where I rode the subway - yuck!

Joanne said...

finally seen Rupert! He is so cute, what fun they are having:))

Jilly said...

Adore this post. Wonderful wonderful shots! Bravo.