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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On French Maids and Boston Terriers, in Japan

Tokyo maid
Photo by myself in Akihabara, in Tokyo, Japan.

Young women dressed in maid costumes handed out flyers in Akihabara. This neighborhood is known for its numerous electronics stores and huge neon signs. It is a bit 'Bladerunneresque', if you know what I mean.


For lack of time and brain cells, I'm posting some random tidbits from our trip in Japan. Pardon if I overgeneralize!

1. Stockings are 'in'.
Despite 90+ degree heat and extremely high humidity, many Japanese women wear stockings, like the French Maid above. Knee highs and leggings are in, too. (For men who cannot relate, try wrapping your legs in cellophane and walking around. You will feel very, very warm).

2. The Japanese are fond of McDonald's and KFC.
In Shibuya, Tokyo, which is sort of the equivalent of Times Square, I counted three McDonald's and one KFC within a small area. All were mobbed. This seems odd, since the traditional Japanese diet is rather healthy and everyone is very slender.

Shibuya KFC

3. Don't worry about staying hydrated in Japan. Or losing your nicotine high.
Just about every block has at least one machine dispensing cold drinks or cigarettes. I am not exaggerating. Often there will be one or two machines in front of each building.

The beverage machines are loaded with varieties of water (flavored and plain), canned iced coffee, green tea and energy drinks. Fortunately, all the plastic containers are recyclable.

Shibuya machines

Shibuya Boston Terrier

4. Last but not least, the Japanese love Boston Terriers.
Yeah. I didn't realize this but we've seen Boston Terriers on billboards here. Who knew?

Shibuya Boston Terrier

New York Portraits is on vacation in various parts of Japan. I'll be returning to NYC on August 31.

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Lily Hydrangea said...

I wonder if their McDonald's or KFC sells a different menu than they do here? or maybe they just eat less of it?
How funny is that about the Boston Terriers?
Your pics are wonderful Kitty!
I can't wait to see more.

Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

Sounds like you and Mark are having a wonderful time, Kitty!

Washington said...

Hi Kitty!

Great pictures. If you live in Japan for a while, you will notice that they simply love USA (specially young people). They love to speak or try try to speak english (sometimes it is very hard to understand).
And again, do not miss Harajuku, they shut the streets for cars and a crowd of people just like the girl in your picture will take the streets.
Have a great time and keep posting!

Luis Gomez said...

These are great Kitty! Thank you for all the images and info.

Ken Mac said...

oh this is excellent. I love the photos and inside stuff. Keep it up! have fun!