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Monday, August 2, 2010

On a Moment in the Village and the Latest on the MTA

West 4th, NYC
Photo by myself at West 4th Street and Sixth Avenue.

A couple of dudes stood outside the West 4th Street subway station. Between the two of them was a lot of plaid.


This just in - New York Magazine reported Sunday that in another couple months, New Yorkers will be able to text and make calls while on the subway.

The upgrade will cost a mere $200 million dollars (!). I am pretty certain most New Yorkers would prefer nicer stations (you know, getting rid of peeling paint and crumbling tile) or better train service than wifi.

In fact, due to recent budget cuts, some stations do not have station agents, just machines to dispense Metrocards. That's right, no one is there in the booth to help lost tourists or provide a sense of safety. But we will have Wifi, never fear.

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Olivier said...

beau look d'été quand il fait chaud

elsiee said...

who needs booth attendants!?! New Yorkers are always so sweet about helping tourists on the subway - No REALLY!!! Love me some plaid guy! he's got LEGS!!!

Eve said...

That IS a lot of plaid :D

This news about being able to talk and text on the subway, wonderful. That's so great that you can stand in a hot, crowded car and listen to other people chat loudly in your face while on their phones. Lovely :D

anne mancine said...

That old guy on the right clearly forgot to put his pants on before he left the house - I think those are his boxer shorts!

matt said...

Socks and sandals. Fashion plate, cool dudes,if you've got the legs!!

Kitty said...

great catch on this one. I love both these men with all my heart.