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Friday, November 19, 2010

Flipping Out, Below Ground

Subway Interlude
Photo by myself on the subway around 42nd Street, Times Square.

A band of three performers on the subway broke out into spontaneous acrobatics, Thursday afternoon.

A boom box sits on the floor in the background. Their routine included handstands, pushups and dance moves.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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biebkriebels said...

That is a nice entertainment. Good picture.

Rosalie said...

Thanks for visiting my page. I loved New York. In a couple of years I will take a few months just to travel. While there I saw an amazing troupe performing acrobatics outside the Met. You take great photos.

Leif Hagen said...

We don't have subways in Eagan so we don't have subway acrobatic teams either. I guess we're missing out.
Bon weekend, Kitty!

Pierre said...

Cool photo
What camera do u use ?

CadillaC said...

I is really amazing blog !
I love America and everything that concerns it.
Give more pictures of skyscrapers and landscapes.
I am subscribe you :)
If you want you can come to my blog and write something about America :D
Greet from Poland :)

Kitty said...

Thanks Bieb!
These guys were moving very quickly. Hard to catch!

Hi Rosalie
It's pretty incredible to think these fellas are performing on pavement or moving trains. They are in great shape.

I'm jealous of your travel plans!

Thanks Leif!

Hi Pierre
I happened to be on the train with my Canon 40D. I don't usually take it during the week because it's heavy. This photo was shot at 500 ISO because of the dim light and how quickly these guys were moving.

I have a Canon G5 and am looking for a replacement. Will probably settle for a G12.

Welcome CadillaC!
Today's photo of the skyline is dedicated to you!

Katz NYC said...

Great photo. I love these guys trying to make a dollar breakdancing in a crowded subway. Of course many people don't like it when they're tired after work and just want to nap on the ride back home. Personally I like subway entertainment, everything from the mariachi bands to the soul singers.