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Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween from the Village, Part II

NYC Halloween
Photo by myself near Washington Square Park, in the Village.

People of all ages were out Sunday afternoon in Halloween costume. There was a festive and light-hearted feeling to the air.

Mobs of police were out too. With all the costumes and uniforms, it was tough to know who was what. At one point, Mark pointed out a fellow sitting on a bench with a huge cast on his leg. Was it real or part of a disguise?

NYC Halloween 2010
New York's finest were prepared for anything.

NYC Halloween 2010
Masks were for sale for those caught without a costume.

NYC Halloween 2010
It was just warm enough to eat outside at Sixth Avenue and Houston Street.

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Joanne said...

Love the ladies:))

Nori said...

I really love all of them who could enjoy everything!

Olivier said...

la premiere photo est grandiose, bravo

Pierre said...

Its funny to see all theses peoples taking pleasure of festing halloween. Nice costum in America.
In France we try to do this fest? But it's not part of our cultur. So now, only Some children try to disguise

RedPat said...

Love the older lady in the mask!

Mr Lonely said...

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lewi14 said...

I like the first shot with the cute ladies very much. It's wonderful!

LittleRobinBird said...

Oh the old ladies are adorable!

Leif Hagen said...

Very cute and heart warming to see young-at-heart, masked Esther getting into the Halloween spirit, too!