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Friday, November 5, 2010

On Rainy Nights and Busy Days

Rain, Midtown
Photo by myself at Broadway and 35th Street, in Midtown.

The image above was taken about a month ago, when it was still okay to wear short sleeves. Now, no longer.


Has this been the fastest week ever?

One project on the Upper East Side is wrapping up. The contractor is working furiously so the client can move in before Thanksgiving. Fifteen guys are in the apartment, staining floors, painting walls and installing tile.

One guy perches on a ladder skim coating a hallway. He has to climb down every time someone walks by, so the walls aren't damaged by equipment or the stray brush of a hand. It is mayhem.

In the end, it will turn out fine. Little oversights and mistakes pop up, things overlooked in the process. I've been having work nightmares, because of it. One dream involved me in a dingy room crammed with furniture, and it was my job to somehow make it look good.

When I encounter a mistake, I usually ask myself: 'Did anyone die?' Answer to that has so far been 'no'. Then I tell myself that I'll never make that particular mistake again, and carry on.

TGIF everyone!

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Cesc Sales said...

On rainy days we go swimming out!!!

dianasfaria.com said...

& why does Autumn always seem to be the most fleeting of the seasons?
I love this view of Macy's.

L├║cia said...

I like all the red on this rainy day.
Have a lovely weekend!

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nycstylelittlecannoli said...

great photo...getting ready to come in next weekend for the Chocolate Show...should be fun! Have a great weekend!!