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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New York's Bravest, on the Upper West Side

Photo by myself on the Upper West Side, around 74th Street and Broadway.

Members of the Ladder 25 crew posed for me outside the supermarket Fairway, where they were shopping for groceries on Tuesday night. These fellows are known as 'New York's Bravest', while the NYPD is known as 'New York's Finest'.

The firehouse for Ladder 25 is located on West 77th Street. Apologies for the slight graininess of this photo. It was dark out and I don't like using a flash.

I wanted to gush and tell these fellows how much they are appreciated for what they do...but I felt odd doing so in the middle of a busy street. I hope the simple gesture of asking to take their photo conveyed my respect for their heroism.

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Olivier said...

voila une photo qui fait plaisir, un hommage aux pompiers, alors qu'en France dans certain quartier quand ils interviennent, ils se font caillasser. Voir sur mon blog, je viens au mois de Mai à NYC, j'espere que nous aurons l'occasion de se rencontrer ;)

Leeds daily photo said...

In life these guys and those that work with them are as you say say heroes. But unlike the sports stars who are sometimes given that name, these men would most likely be embarrassed by such talk. My uncle Sid was a London fireman all his working life, now retired and he would deny it, but to me anyone who goes into a burning building to rescue someone they do not know deserves to be looked up to.

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier!
I'm not sure what 'caillasser' means but I'm sure the firemen in Evry are just as brave.

I read you'll be in NYC in May and would love to see you. Your visit last time came at a busy time in the office. It will be incredible to meet my Evry friend!

Hi Paul
Yes, I'm sure most of these fellows feel the same way, that is, this is just something they do because they have to do it.

How cool of your Uncle Sid?!

Luis Gomez said...

Great Kitty! Love the image. I agree with you, these guys are heroes.

Pierre said...

O the old technique of trickster. Make believe you do a photo essay for photographing beautiful kids

Anonymous said...

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