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Monday, January 31, 2011

On Outdoor Piano Recitals and a Visitor's Point of View

Impromptu Recital, Washington Sq. Park
Photo by myself in Washington Square Park, in the Village.

A very informal concert in Washington Square Park took place during a brief glimmer of sunshine, Sunday morning.

A pianist performed on an upright piano that was on temporary wheels. Slapped on the side of the piano is a sticker that says 'Manhattan Mini Storage', a popular storage company in the area.


I thought it'd be interesting to show photos once in a while taken by visitors to New York. What better way to see a city, than from a fresh set of eyes?

Here are a couple wonderful detail photos, taken by my friend Carmelo in Italy. Carmelo visited New York on his honeymoon last summer and took over 5,000 photos in 10 days!

Fifth Avenue hands_sm
Photo by Carmelo. New Yorkers can be a fidgety bunch, with our caffeine, cigarettes and mobile devices.

park hands piano_sm
Photo by Carmelo. Another pianist played outside, during Play Me, I'm Yours, a city-wide public arts project held last summer.

Thank you, Carmelo, for these great shots! I will file these under 'New York Visitors' and share such viewpoints, once in a while.

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Olivier said...

superbe ces photos de ce pianiste, courageux deja pour amener son piano et pour en jouer par ce froid dehors.

Manhattan Mini Storage said...

Colin has our sticker on his piano because we "sponsor" him. We store Colin's piano for him for free at one of our locations, because we think his public performances are another reason this city is wonderful for both residents and visitors alike. Thank you for the beautiful photos!

David - Wilmington NC said...

Thats crazy they just roll a piano out and around like that, cool though. In the first picture it looks like that girl is standing on the bucket. Cool coincidence

Steffe said...

500 a day, that's impressive. Cool with the piano concert.

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier
True, this fellow (Colin) didn't seem phased at all in terms of the cold weather. It was actually not too bad out but I can see how fingerless gloves might be useful!

Hello Manhattan Mini Storage!!
How hilarious?! I'm so glad you found this post.

Seriously, Colin was really, really great. I was moving around so I couldn't keep track of what he was playing, but whatever it was (Chopin, I think?) was so rousing, he kept his audience captivated despite it being a large, open space.

Please give Colin our thanks, and thanks for sponsoring his performances. I only wish more artists were officially sponsored. It is not an easy life to perform outside, no less.

Hello David!
Ha. It's nice to see Colin's bucket out there practically behind him. There were enough witnesses about that there was no fear of theft.

Thanks Steffe
Yah I cannot believe the prices for those suites at the Plaza. Geez!

Leif Hagen said...

Fun to see the piano player outside! He had to play a piece with lots of eighth notes to keep his fingers warm!

cipunto said...

thanks for the space
kisses fro SOI