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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pedalling Through the Slush, in Midtown

Pedicab in the snow
Photo by myself on Sixth Avenue and 41st Street, in Midtown.

Last week's snow didn't hinder pedicabs from chugging away through the slush. This fellow was making his way up to Columbus Circle, about twenty blocks north.

Slush is not a pretty sight in the city. The streets become grimy very quickly after a snow. It's not the place for nice shoes.

Most women wear knee high galoshes, since the puddles can become quite deep at the street corners.


Dirt and grime are persistent elements in New York. I think it comes from the air rather than from soil.

When I lived on the Upper West Side, my apartment was on the fourth floor of an old walk-up building from the turn of the last century. The windows were huge wood, single pane, double hung windows painted over a million times, probably original to the building. They never closed properly, leaving an uneven gap at the bottom.

Every few months, I'd have to open the window and wipe it down, especially near the bottom, where all this soot would accumulate. It was really hideous, and all I could think of was that we breathe that stuff every day.

If you ever walk around Manhattan, take a look at the buildings at the street corners. You will notice that buildings are much lighter in color at the corners than along the street, because of the wind. This is most noticeable at limestone buildings, which are light in color.

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Birdman said...

Slush is NOT fun. Delivered papers all winter in my youth on my bike. Slush is NOT fun.

Joanne said...

Yuck! not nice....