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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Window Shopping on Elizabeth Street, Chinatown

Roast Duck, Chinatown
Photo by myself on Elizabeth and Hester Streets, in Chinatown.

The subtle body language says it all.

A couple of visitors peer into a storefront offering roast duck. Keeping with tradition, the Chinese leave the heads of the ducks on.


I wanted to show a photo of the city today without snow. Mark and I are a little tired of the recent weather.

For those of you with snow cravings, check out a series of recent photos on the Times site, here. This series captures how New Yorkers have been enjoying and combatting snow in the city.

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Pierre said...

Snow, cold, grey. Its difficult during this season to go out. I prefer to stay in front of the fireplace. Not a great desire to get outside.
It's always nice to travel down with my pc in NY with your pretty pictures

Kitty said...

Thanks Pierre!

I envy you with your fireplace. We have a dvd of a virtual fireplace we put on sometimes, usually during parties. Sad!

Lily Hydrangea said...

I hear you about the snow Kitty!
I remember the first time I saw a duck hanging in a window like this- it was sometime after I first moved into Manhattan - I was all like, "this is not appetizing!"